YLG: LittleBigPlanet (PSP) Review

LittleBigPlanet is a sensory and creative delight – one of the very best games on the PSP.

In the sick and cynical world in which we live it's a pleasure to see something come along which is so good and innocent.

This game is all about pure, unadulterated fun. It just wants you to enjoy yourself in its surreal and dreamlike lands. Your imagination is the driving force on this journey of wonderment and discovery.

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Milky3189d ago

playing it now, so far so great.

Killman3189d ago

I have been playing it and I still cannot believe that it is a game on a portable system. The graphics are great, the controls are surprisingly good and the level creation is still top notch. A must buy for PSP owners.

Lipscomba3188d ago

Excellent game! on UMD, that is..... is the digital copy available yet? I hope so!!

Marceles3188d ago

I think only in EU so far :(