[PCGH] DX9 versus DX11 in 1080p of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

PCGH shows some eye candy from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat benchmark including a DX11 only video and a direct comparison between DX9, DX10, DX 10.1 and DX11 in one video. At Youtube you may watch the video even in 1080p.

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JB0715923107d ago

Those both look absolutely the same, but what is the performance hit?

Noctis Aftermath3107d ago

They should of used a different game for this comparision, this has the most bland and boring colors, not to mention the graphics aren't even high end, this running on DX11 looks much worse then crysis on DX9.

Nihilism3107d ago

Don't take this as an example. DX10 stalker looks like bad dx9, DX11 stalker...looks like acceptable DX9.

In DX10 mode the characters have straight lines on their heads...didn't we get rid of that from games about 10 years ago?

TheIneffableBob3107d ago

In the video, it's very subtle, but there is definitely a difference between DX11 and DX10.1. Look at the lighting: DX10 is a bit overexposed and overpowering in areas compared to DX11, but it is subtle. DX11's lighting is just right.

toaster3107d ago

If they're going to do a benchmark they should pick a game that actually utilizes the hardware properly. STALKER is not a good example of this.

Try Far Cry 2 where lighting plays a big role. Or Crysis, but I doubt any machine could run that powerhouse for a proper benchmark.

Perjoss3107d ago

watching this video just reminds of how far ahead of its time Crysis was.

Nihilism3107d ago

No other pc game i know of has not been able to be maxed out within 3 years except crysis. Even doom 3 which killed pc's on release, was maxed within a year and a half ( my definition of maxed: max in game settings, no AA, whatever res is standard for it's time, and a 60 frame average)

even the 5890 can't get 60 frames on enthusiast 1680*1050, it get's 68 frames on gamer mode with 2aa though, so it's getting close

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TABSF3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

this game does not show the benefits of using DX11 in games development.

they all look very similar, also aerial shots don't help

Vip3r3107d ago

I wish Oblivion was done in Dx11 and looked like the uniengine.

That'd be sweet.

sagapo3107d ago

that Dx11 will have more in stock than what is shown with this movie.
Otherwise I'm all wired up for nothing....
and I agree with Noctis; they should use another (or multiple) game(s)
to show off Dx11.

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