Kazunori Yamauchi's Hot Lap at the Nurburgring


"AutoExpress has now also posted a complete on-board lap of the Nordschleife with Yamauchi-san at the wheel! As you can see, he's a smooth, quick, and calm driver in what appears to be a very balanced and composed IS-F on the infamously bumpy track."

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jellybalboa3076d ago

this man is a sick driver and the game will be even sicker!!!!!!!!
bubbles pleaswe!

Greywulf3076d ago

I find it hilarious people think this man and more specifically Japanese engineers working with Nissan don't know about driving physics.

I'd love to see another developer doing this.

nycredude3075d ago

But but but, Where is the car damage!? /s

Seriously though some "other" developer for some "other" driving game would probably be crashing all over the play.

Dutch Boogie3076d ago

Dude is a pefectionist in every sense of the word. Sometimes i watch him doing an interview and he will be up close to the cars analysing their curves and aerodynamics and all that stuff to the last detail.

The people at PD actually make a small molded version of all the cars they create for the game. In GT5 you wil be able to see the engine model and under the car.

GT5 is gonna be a beast and knowing Kazunori is the provider further warrants it's purchase. March 2010 can't come soon eneough.

Ps_alm3k3076d ago

real driving simulator! not you know....................

FwanK3075d ago


He only does everything