New 2K Games shooter: Longer Trailer Version emerged

The longer version from the trailer, that teasing the brand new 2K Games Dubai shooter.

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Danny Dan2985d ago

Wow, shows how much I know about the world. Didn't know about this place. This video is very interesting:

wxer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

i live in dubai

and by the way
dubai hold (right now) the tallest building in the world
which (i think) is showed somewhere in that vid

Chubear2985d ago

Woah, that looks mighty interesting.

BattleAxe2985d ago

Yeah, the Burge Dubai is the tallest building in the world. Formerly the CN Tower in Toronto was the tallest structure in the world.

I like how Bjork is on the soundtrack, but I need to see gameplay footage first.

gaminoz2984d ago

I really hope it isn't going to just have the modern part of Dubai but go through the souk and fort and that wind tower area.

And everything always has to be all destroyed and apocalyptic these days with the environements. What's with that.

And I hope it isn't going to just try and be Modern Warfare Dubai.

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kaveti66162985d ago

This was a weird trailer. No title, no corny voice narrating, "In a world, where society has crumbled, one group of stragglers tried to blah blah blah...", nothing that hints at a release date.

Anti-Fanboyer2985d ago

I got all excited cause I thought it was gonna be Dubai with all the amazing color pallets, city lights and advance architecture. But I find they turned it into another desert warfare .... in a city. Boy these developers sure know how to make their games look generic.

Raf1k12985d ago

True but the setting with all the rusting skyscrapers in the background gives it a pretty unique look IMO.

militant072985d ago

becasue dubai dose look like that?
have you ever been in dubai?

Mr Face Creamer2985d ago

Have YOU ever been to Dubai? Dubai was all sand 20 years go, the city now full of green, amazing architecture from building to mansions to skyscrapers, beaches and lights that can light up the world.

foxtheory2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

But the last thing we need is a post-apocalyptic FPS with bland colors. Just seems too generic. Give us something that stands out!!! You did it with Bioshock!!!

Anorexorcist2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

but this title looks a little too grey and orangeish. It looks like the developers are going with some "Dubai in a post-apocolyptic tragedy" story angle here.

How come no one has gotten serious about developing Vietnam shooters? WWII has been overplayed and anything beyond that would not make for too player-friendly shooters.

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