French numbers for MW2 revealed

The first week numbers for the french version of MW2 has been revealed by GFK. The game sold 376,000 units across ps3,x360 and PC . The breakdown is as follows :
PS3 - 203,000
X360 -126,000
PC - 43,000

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iron_sheik3072d ago

as expected across of all europe sans Uk and Au

ifhd3071d ago

ps3 is almost double the 360.

m1ndz3071d ago

@ifhd that's normal, the ps3 is dominating everywhere

only americans are to stupid to realize that xbox 360 is a crappy system and they keep on buying one after 5 RROD's

Dutch Boogie3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Hmm lets see. If i was a 360 owner who purchased MW2 or the bundle for 360 and it RROD on me i would without a doubt shell out more cash for another system. Considering that MW2 is the only decent game on my preferred system this year i would do anything to make sure i play it along with the rest friends.

And this is the reason why the 360 fanbase worldwide (especially in America) consistently keeps up to ps3 by a couple of thousands behind. The numbers are inflated by people rebuying the console. What person in their right mind would settle for a 360 when they can buy a ps3 for the same price with extra value?