GameOver: NBA Live 10 Review

This year's game plays better than it ever has. The controls are very tight, and the movement of the players, both on offense and defense, is very realistic and well done. Player contact feels real, and directional changes are believable. It is, however, frustrating that the biggest issue that has plagued this series for the last few years is still present. It is simply way too easy to penetrate and get inside shots. Even with slower players, one or two moves done well will get you into the lane, almost without exception. This is something EA Sports needs to adjust in the future in order to move toward further realism.

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Dellis3193d ago

Why didn't this sell this year?, usually you see 2K/LIVE in the NPD with 2K coming on top, but this year that didn't happen, it was PS3/360 2K10 on the top 10 of the NPD each with about 200K+ sold.

What happen Ea? it is supposed be better right?
why exactly the sports gaming didn't give a damn?, were they tired
of giving EA chances with this IP???