The Goozex Report | Modern Warfare 2 Review

Infinity Ward's latest has been reviewed. Does Modern Warfare 2 manage to beat its predecessor or does it still remain in its shadow? You'll find out here on Goozex Report.

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JimmyJames703041d ago

Great review that covers all of the aspects of the game, the history of the franchise, and a look to the future.

roblef3041d ago

This game is selling like crazy. That means it's better, right? ;)

roblef3041d ago

I'm not a huge fan of realistic killing sims. Isn't that a commandment somewhere? What WOULD Jesus do?

JimmyJames703040d ago

Jesus would probably realize that it's a fun game and then get high score while pawning n00bs. Then he'd pick up the losers, dust them off, and say, God helps those who help themselves.