Giant Bomb Hands-On: Ridin' Zelda's Spirit Tracks

Giant Bomb writes: "If you didn't notice the first installment of our Zelda trivia challenge earlier this week (still three chances to win!), you might not remember that there's a new Zelda game due out on the DS real soon now. It's Spirit Tracks, the direct successor to Phantom Hourglass, and hey, I just played it!

This new game directly follows the previous one. It's a hundred years later, and a new kingdom of Hyrule has been founded on the continent that the protagonists of Phantom Hourglass discovered sometime between that game and this one. Wait a minute, that would make Link and Zelda more than a century old, and--hmm, are we just assuming they're immortal at this point? Is there any sort of rationale at work in this timeline anymore?"

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