This week's new video game releases (week of 11/23/09)

In comparison to previous weeks, there aren't too many new games out this week. Many anticipated games have already been released in the last couple of weeks, to prepare for the holiday season. It's also Thanksgiving week and Black Friday coming up.

A timely release of Scene It? Twilight is out for the Wii, coordinated with The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie debut. Tekken 6 also makes its debut on the PSP platform, following the previously released home console Tekken 6. See what new videogames are out in the week ahead!

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Shnazzyone3190d ago

Heard good things when that came out for xbox and from my understanding they've managed to improve this title from that. Might just give that a rent to check it out. Other then that title... meh.