GameInformer: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

GameInformer writes: "EA and DICE have unleashed Bad Company 2's multiplayer onto the masses in the form of a PlayStation 3 beta, and we were on the front lines. While the beta only includes one of the maps from the final game, I was more than happy to spend hours testing my skills against the world. I even did pretty well among the insanity. Being a huge Battlefield fan from day one, it was also a great opportunity to answer questions both myself and some of you, the readers have had about the game."

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thorstein3158d ago

I am thoroughly enjoying the BETA. I think there are a few tweaks that will make this a must have title. What I really love about it is that it is that MW2 is a completely different experience and these two can be played without the "feeling" that one is the better FPS.

I fear this game will have more competition from MAG as it seems more akin to that game than to MW2.

Lou Ferrigno3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

agreed dude,thats why after playing the BFBC 2 beta ,i am looking even MORE forward to MAG.
witch is heavily based on team work and muultiplayer.
janurary cant come soon enuf :)

the BFBC 2 beta is a TON of fun and im allways on playing for hours at a time.
the ranking system is a blast as well as the different classes.
def worth it,and to be completely honest here,i have not ONCE experienced Lag wutsoever.. it has ben running Smoooooth as hell.
Dedicated servers FTW!
P2P servers FTL!

Boty3158d ago

...I sometimes forget its the beta(even though the word BETA is on the top right of the screen) This title surely will be a must have for those who like pure destruction and all out war. This game will be a MASSIVE improvement over the first one.

dorron3158d ago

I feel this is more real than MW2's multiplayer. In my opinion, it is miles ahead.

DanSolo3158d ago

I would probably have got this game as I enjoyed the first Bad Company alot. But for a while now I can't play any EA games online, and the "help" I got from the EA support was beyond pathetic so the problem was never resolved.

I guess its just a game I will have to pass on for that reason alone.
But I suppose with MW2 out, and MAG looming on the horizon I will have ample shooting fun.

Hanif-8763158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

The only problem i have with this game is the aliasing and the color being too dull but apart from that its Fvcking sweet!

But if they can't fix the aliasing at least put some color in the game!

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