Counterpoint 005: Hiphopgamer VS Torrence Davis

On the latest episode of Counterpoint, Torrence Davis from goes against the infamous HipHopGamer.

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D4RkNIKON3194d ago

I agree with hip hop in his closing statement. The PS3 Eye can do the controller gaming like the wii with much better graphics, and it can also do controller less Natal style games. The product they mentioned for natal to detect muscle movements and give vibration feedback sounds totally insane tho!

Saaking3193d ago

Here's the problem:

The WHOLE point of Natal is a "controller-less" experience (according to MS) right?

So if a controller is need ALONG with Natal doesn't that make the whole point of Natal redundant? Without a controller, not much can be accomplished, especially not hardcore games such as FPS. I'm curious to see what they do with it, but right now I have little hope for it. I'll buy it if it's cheap, but other than that I don't think MS can deliver on the hype.

AT THIS POINT, Natal has not shown ANYTHING that can't already be done on the PS2 eyetoy (which launched FIVE years ago).

gamesR4fun3193d ago

wow hip hops out ta lunch on natal a patch that senses muscle movement and provides feed back

Just imagine what that could do for porn.

Xeoset3192d ago

Christ, do you Sony fans not understand yet?

PSEye can NOT do what Natal can. Go look at the specifications yourselves, they're not hard to find.

Why do you think that the PSEye needs the controller? It doesn't have the possibility of fully rendering a third plane nor the detail to register individual digits, facial recognition, the RAM to store all the information it gathers, etc, etc. This is more than just creative software.

Hutch23553192d ago

I believe I have heard Microsoft, from very early in the natal development, say that it is not just for no controller, but will be able to work with one as well. While some games, mostly casual will not need a controller, wii sports like games, racing, although I don't think I would want to race without a whee.. Some games will need a controller. FPS, and hardcore games. The point people like me, not xbox fan idiots, have been saying is that I am excited about the possibilities. Is it right to just say Natal is the end all be all and next big thing? Nope, just as it is not right to dismiss it like many on this site do. Until we see games, and how it is implemented, we can't make an educated judgment.

I am excited about what it could mean for overall media experience. I hope one day to have a natal, or natal like device on all of my tv's, connected to my media center that houses all my music and movies. I can walk into the room, say power on, it recognizes my face, automatically pulls up my playlists for music/movies or for me ESPN pops up on the screen. I think Microsoft is debuting this in the gaming market, but I believe they have expectations for much bigger things.

I think that there is no way natal will completely take the place of controllers and anyone who does is a blind fanboy. Until we see some games and some real demo video of those such games, I will hold off judgement on it. I am just excited about the possibilities.

Chubear3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

You're in lala land. Can you show me an application of what Natal can do that the Eye toy for the PS2 couldn't do? All the crap you're talking is hype from MS that's been pounded into your head.

There are games on the PS2's Eyetoy that don't use any type of controller just your hands. Sony brought out similar games in year one of the PS3 launch too so what exactly are you talking about.

MS is playing you for a fool dude. Please, show me these games that MS has shown that displays things the PS2 Eye toy hasn't done. Please, Im curious. Maybe there's a youtube vid or something you can use to shut me up.

Xeoset3192d ago

@ 1.5

Typical Sony Fanboy attitude.

That's it, just disregard all the points I made and say "BUT THAH EY3TOY FOR MAH P$2 CUN DO EEET!!!".

Congratulations. (And no, I'm not going to pay attention to your points. Not just because you ignored mine, but for the fact you think it is ME that is being played by a company.)

The Lazy One3192d ago

did anyone notice how much more time hip hop got to talk than torrence?

Almost every time Torrence starts talking hip hop interrupts after 1 sentence and talks for 4 minutes.

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Mike134nl3194d ago

But in all fairness that sounds really awesome hope it is true

Godmars2903192d ago

So bad its actually funny...

Sarcasm3191d ago

hey look it's a racist

Hate_my_neighbors3193d ago

i can't understand hip-hop gamer, at least i can understand that other guy.

Marty83703193d ago

The whole Natal idea sucks, MS have lost the plot.

Controllers are needed.

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