21 Super Cool Xbox 360 Case Mods

Watch these amazing case mods for the Xbox 360.

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NightmareCV2949d ago

Some of these cases look crazy.

Danny Dan2948d ago

Yea, I liked a lot of them, especially the Chromed out one.

I LOLed at number 1. That was awesome.

Lightsaber2948d ago

some of those are amazing. Wish I knew how to do something cool with my xbox like that

Jinxstar2948d ago

"21 super cool ways to turn your Xbox 360 into a paper weight!"

Rocket Sauce2948d ago

The chromed out one and the one with the lcd screen are sweet

Who in the hell autographed the "300" 360?

vhero2948d ago

and everyone of them banned from xbox live. Is it really worth it?

No FanS Land2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I have the lian li mod. it has replacement fan with a 120mm fan and two holes on the rear so you can put in a water cooling system.

BiggCMan2948d ago

to each his own i guess, but that chrome one deserves the number one spot, and the ruby red was nice as well, not sure about the red controller with it though

Azerach2948d ago

those are some nice looking banned xboxes

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

This is mine.

Looks cool in person, especially at night...

pixelsword2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

... please send us your names and addresses so you can be banned from XBL.




We care. :)

On a real note, I like the Halo ones and half live one the best.

pppppeach2948d ago

People on n4g are frickin retarded thinking people got banned for modding there 360. It's only the "modders" that pirate games that got banned. Not people that airbrush there 360 rofl.

marcus j2948d ago

Why would you want to mod the 360 it's by far the most beautiful console ever made.

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gameseveryday2949d ago

Yep those look amazing. I really loved the Halo one. Two soldiers sending back to back on a well. Really loved it.

Bnet3432948d ago

That was my favorite one too. These are really nice.

Bigbangbing2949d ago

WoW @ the built-in LCD one <3

Dan GamingBolt2949d ago

i liked the halo 3 one the most

williamkenny2949d ago

I like the first one. 360 on wheels!

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The story is too old to be commented.