Modern Warfare 2 getting freeze complaints

CC: After it was reported yesterday that the God of War Collection was receiving complaints that the game was freezing, new complaints are rising about Modern Warfare 2 freezing.

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LastPlaceConsole3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

needs more Patches

nothing new

ssipmraw3194d ago

you act like the 360 doesn't require any patches
Gears of War 2 says hello! the games multiplayer still isn't even fixed even with like what 6 patches and meanwhile ninja gaiden 2 still suffers from significant slowdown even though its been patched like a million times

LastPlaceConsole3194d ago

nothing that a Patch can't fix

IcyJoker1873194d ago

lol @ the first person to comment is a 360 fanboy.

Genesis53194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

I have a 60 gig launch im my front room playing GOW collection with no freezing issues and a 120 gig slim in my bedroom playing Dragon age with no problems. Both on version 3.10.

Yeah I went and counted again I was only looking at the 1st page. Still a low percentage hope they get their issues fixed.

mj2463194d ago

I've counted at least 10 different complaints on the forums :S

Genesis53194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Well I went to some 360 forums to see if this was just a PS3 issue. Apparently it is not.

I think it should really be discussed as an issue with game itself and not console specific.

HardcoreGamer3194d ago

but my 360 is gettin dated now. so im properly shifting most my games even though the 360 version of the game is SUPERIOR.

anyhow fanboy flame aside. i had 2 crash of freeze on ps3, since launch

nothing that annoyed me , i only actually thought about it now because of this article. it is pretty much non existent but it ocmes out only when ppl scream bout it. i thought of it as nothing still do.

gaffyh3194d ago

No freezing problems for me at all in MW2, and I've played it through fully twice (once on veteran).

dantesparda3194d ago

That since 3.0 the system has been way less reliable. I cant play Uncharted 1 for the life of me. And Uncharted 2 was messing up on me like crazy too. And a whole bunch of other games too. Not to mention the browser freezes up the system to. I really which Sony would straighten these things out

sak5003194d ago

NO freezing at all smooth gamplay all around except for lag and host disconnection error every 4th game. On the bright side host migration works much better and 90% chance of starting from the same place w/o any issues.

Anon19743194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

I've finished MW2's single player on hardened and put in quite a few hours online with my 60GB, launch PS3. Not one instance of freezing yet, although this game is much more laggy then Killzone 2, COD4 and COD WAW. I had practically zero lag on these games. Hopefully they step this up eventually.

So, someone claimed their PS3 version was freezing after every online match? Since when did some guy's complaints on a forum constitute a reliable news source?

Bnet3433193d ago

I have had no freezing at all. What my problem is the matchmaking, randomly getting kicked out or disbanded from my party.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

No freezing here. Not even with Uncharted... And I have the PS3 slim with FW 3.10 and I'm playing Valkyria Chronicles in this instant moment without any problems. I haven't even heard a single of my friends complaining about freezing or anything either.

deadpoole3193d ago

Why wont u guys visit the gr8 ... visit PS3 section and youll see players are screamin for help about freezin/crashin/causin YLOD issue and there is not and lemme reiterate Not a Single response from IW about this matter

MW2 have gone cold hearted cuz theyve got all the money now ... they dont give rats a$$ about you, me or uncle charlie next house havin all these troubles/issues theyre encounterin with this godforsaken game.

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mj2463194d ago

i'm having more problems with the spec-ops mode freezing :(
My mates 360 burnt a ring through his copy so theres obv some problems on both consoles.

St03194d ago

Don't think I've ever had a freeze while playing MW2 on PS3

PhilipLarkin3194d ago

It has frozen for me many a time, usually on the online menu D=

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