CB2 Child Robot is possibly the most disturbing machine ever built

Imagine if someone, somewhere managed to find the exact formula for producing the most perfectly awful example of the uncanny valley (say, for a horror movie or something). Now, accept the fact that this organization is the Japanese Science and Technology Agency, and that they managed to produce the most disturbing machine you've ever seen, without even realizing it. The 33 kilogram CB2 is literally beyond words in its freakiness, not only in its nailing of the uncanny valley, but in its description. Apparently it emulates "the physical ability of a 1- or 2-year-old toddler, can turn over and stand up with assistance," has 51 compressed air-powered actuators, and has 200 tactile sensors in its "skin." It sends so many shivers up our spine to think of the CB2's lifeless putty coating as "skin" that it's a wonder we're even able to continue typing. Seriously, just so that we can stop and move onto something else a little more human (heck, even a motherboard feels homely next to this), go check out the video after the break of the horrifying little thing writhing about on the floor.

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ITR4189d ago

Bicentennial Man?...Child

One day every child will have a robot playmate.

4189d ago
TrenchaunT4189d ago

Bizarre, Just bizarre.

Americans tend to develop robotics for the sake of doing things, performing tasks, fnctionality. The Japanese, on the other hand, have a fascination with robots that look human. I remember a while ago reading an article about a Japanese professor who made a robot of himself that looked a LOT like him, and he would have it sit in on classes for him, and he would monitor what it sees and hears remotely. Why he didn't just go to the class himself is beyond me.

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Dr Pepper4189d ago

This invention has to be one of the strangest things ever. Why would you want one of those...things? They don't do anything! Not only that, but they are downright scary as well. Could you imagine if you got up in the middle of the night and it was on the ground twitching at the foot of your bed, making strange noises? Freaky...

Oh, I also read that article azcoyote. That robot did look a lot like him.

Lord Anubis4189d ago

it doesn't look as strange as everyone made it out to be.

Phantom_Lee4189d ago

one man will be happy....and his name is Micheal Jackson...

InMyOpinion4189d ago

I'm pretty sure MJ prefers kids your own age before toddler robots.

Phantom_Lee4188d ago

I'm 22...and if I want to hear another "I'm childish" comment I can go to my gf for that

Robotz Rule4188d ago

Funny joke:)


I ment to reply to your first post,it's funny as hell!

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