7.0 Review: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time It is good and right thing to criticize a sequel to its chronic lack of innovation? After all-at least in theory-follow answers to a specific desire for something already seen and appreciated. If the restaurant you order a Margherita you complain, perhaps with the waiter because the pizza is the same one you eat last? Wanted a daisy, and a pizza with tomato and mozzarella was there on time scale.

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callahan092864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Absolutely ridiculous review. This game is getting way too much criticism for "not doing anything new" when, first of all, who REALLY cares if the gameplay innovates, considering you're getting an incredibly fun experience with one of the best stories of the year, and I don't mean just in videogames, but in movies too. The story, humor, and animation in this game are epic and awesome and rival any Hollywood animated movie that's come out this year and any videogame too. Second of all, who does it not do anything new? The game has this whole open-world vibe to it, now, where you can freely roam space and visit all sorts of different planets and moons and meet various NPCs and do side-missions for them, etc. There's an entirely new space-combat engine in there, there's the return of spherical platforming. There are brand-new time puzzles which lead to some really epic stuff when it comes into Ratchet's part of the game. This title is definitely enough new, and enough fun, and has enough of an epic & hilarious plot and presentation, that these claims that it isn't so great because you feel like you've been there done that are ridiculous. This is one of the most under-rated, under-appreciated games of the year. It's sitting mid-80's at MetaCritic, and it easily deserves to be in the 90's. So much fun. I just can't understand how any reviewer out there is playing this game and not being blown away by its charms and just sheer destructive, vibrant fun. It peeves me that this game keeps getting 7's for not innovating, when Left 4 Dead 2 is getting 9's from these same people, when, let's face it, it's more of the same than this Ratchet game is.

GrandTheftZamboni2864d ago

They had to make up something, because they couldn't criticize graphics, story or gameplay. And I agree there are quite a few new things: time puzzles, female enemies, "co-op" with Azimuth or Mr. Zurkon, zonies and those red critters that try to run away, new puzzles, more involvement of hover-boots, new arenas, new weapons and gadgets... Even after spending 17-18 hours mostly on hover-boots I'm still playing it.

homer4792863d ago

This game rocks and I personally love Clank's recording puzzles.

Marceles2863d ago

"If the restaurant you order a Margherita you complain, perhaps with the waiter because the pizza is the same one you eat last?"

First of all..that makes no sense, you order what you like. A restaurant follows their recipe...if you've ate there and didn't like it then why would you go back and order something you hate? In hopes the recipe changed? But out of aaaallll the restaurants in the world you go to....never mind, the analogy just doesn't make sense.

Second of all...the word "innovation" is getting thrown around too much at a time where we've practically been there and done that with every single game. The excuse of not being innovative RARELY should even be used anymore. A game should get credit for innovation and for it to work good as well. A game should get credit for noticeable improvement (which Ratchet and Clank does). A game shouldn't be marked down for lack of innovation (which Ratchet and Clank Does).

A Crack In Time IMPROVES on Tools of Destruction alot, but it's a flop because it doesn't innovate? that case there's plenty of games to throw in the "innovation flop furnace". Complaining about Crank's puzzles? easy do you want a game to be? And the puzzles weren't even that hard, at least not the ones to finish the game.

"A platform of quality, with an engaging combat system, puzzles altogether apt, weapons always fun and a technical realization frightening. If you have not played an episode of the series Ratchet & Clank, the subject of the review is a good starting point, and if you're a fan who wanted a more honest of the same will not be disappointed for sure."

Well honestly it's a good game and better than the last one. It's not a "7" game and I have yet to find a person that was disappointed with it.

"A Walk in Time is not the end game all smoke and no roast, but we eat the roast is almost seven years now: it's time to change the recipe?"

Every time a game is innovative or "the recipe is changed", it gets flopped for too much variety...and then when there's noticeable improvements of a game it's just a flopped mediocre 7. Just lame.

Unicron2864d ago

Hypocrites to the end.

Kittenz2863d ago

The same site gave UC2 a 10/10, something tells me unless every PS3 game is given 10/10 you people won't be happy

tripewire2863d ago

It's because alot of us have played ACiT, and trust us... The game is no where near a 7/10. I find these disgustingly biased reviews offensive to me as a gamer. If I had not purchased this game due to the reviews it has been getting (I DO NOT buy 7/10 games) I'd feel ripped off by the reviewers.

This game deserves to be a classic

GrandDragon2863d ago

Something tells me these gaming websites are all greatly susceptible and influenced to peer pressure. Uncharted 2 HAD to be given a good score or else the Website would be rebuked and abandoned by the masses of enraged gamers. This is a good yard stick

In my opinion the Ratchet & Clank franchise is MORE deserving of honest independent reviews, and good reviews only reflects the credibility of a Game website which is why Eurogamer fails for me.

SDF Repellent2863d ago

They gave Noby Noby Boy a 10/10...they can't be that bias..they are Italian after all...Mainland Europe is Playstation land, remember?

This German PS3 only site gave it a 7 also...

Are they bias too?

While two of the most hated site by PS3 fans in Destructoid and Gametrailers gave it a 90 and 89 respectively.

So there you go.

Respect other Opinions and judge for yourself is all that matters in determining if the game is great or not.

GrandDragon2863d ago


For the FIRST time Insomniac have incorporated interactive Space flight and travel so you can venture to different planets and orbital systems and engage in intergalactic battles with enemies who are associated with Dr Nefarious

This is aspect of the Game alone is NEW and INNOVATIVE

The idea of collecting Zoni and playing Time Puzzles with Clank is very much ALL NEW to the series. Not to forget the Museum at the end of the Game!

Pathetic Review