Modern Warfare 2: Global Thermonuclear War Video

Global Thermonuclear War vid: Hidden multiplayer game mode from the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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phosphor1123077d ago

At least show a big crater after the bomb goes off, instead of the map untouched =/. Oh well seems like a 1 team King of the Hill, so that would be interesting.

Barragan3077d ago

nuclear weapons if you think a nuke is supposed to leave a crater unless its an underground nuclear test, stop trying to take dumb shots at the game its getting pitiful now

Pandemic3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Your sure to be killed before you are actually able to arm the nuke.

YoMeViet3077d ago

that must have been the smallest nuke ever

NecrumSlavery3077d ago

Most people don't realize nukes are detonated in the air, usually a few hundred feet above the ground, and the explosion pushes up/down and outwards, blanketing the area better.

I think the this game type is neat, but it shouldn't be capture to win, it should be more of a search and destroy map vs defend and conquer style.

Arnon3077d ago

Don't listen to Barragan. He thinks a PC is technologically inferior to a 360 and PS3.

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xGet_In_There3077d ago

boring. I cannot see this being fun, waiting 3 minutes to capture a nuke.

CptBach3077d ago

Im sure noone will be able to win that game mode...
Grenade spam on the nuke

ctfkev3077d ago

it would leave some substantial damage... ive yet to see a nuclear bomb kill everything while leaving buildings intact.

Lonewolf19913077d ago

Imagine that it will be unlocked with a DLC...

spandexxking3077d ago

which is a shame considering its already on the disc

DirtyLary3077d ago

I gotta say the KZ2 DLC map with star ships crashing and nukes going off is 100X better than this.

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