Left 4 Dead 2's AI Fail

Koku Gamer writes: "With reports of players failing to get through the 'Easy' difficulty due to the stupidity of AI companions in Left 4 Dead 2, a video has backed this up by showing just how hilariously bad the AI can be in the sequel."

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The Newt2922d ago

Oh wow thats horrible theirs another reason I have yet to pick this game up yet. You would hope that the AI would be a little bit smarter. I mean in L4D1 the AI was pretty decent

Elven62922d ago

Keep executing a program hundreds of times and it will at one point make a mistake during those 100 executions. That's why some people say their game is buggy while others say they never ran into one, all part of the coding wheel of life. :p

Ziriux2922d ago

Very true elven, even as a human ,when you practice one thing over and over all the time you might nail it perfectly, but there will be a time where you're way off.

WengYong2922d ago

I loled, but come on every game has bugs, none are 100% insect proof. Ill pick it up as soon as I get another 360, RROD ftl :/

Proxy2922d ago

Valve with patch this behavior within a week I predict. On PC at least, it will take a month for patch to go through MS QA.

badz1492922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

the graphic is horrible! for a 2009 game, that is just horrible! for god sake valve, just throw away the source engine already!!

I can't believe VGA nominated valve for studio of the year!! for what? for milking an ancient engine?

Perjoss2922d ago

the people screaming for a new engine, the sad thing is even when Valve get down to releasing Source2 it's not going to be anything special, they are masters at keeping it simple so that their games will run decent on pretty much any PC.

Don't forget they keep up with stats like how many people using the top end graphics cards and its not as many people as you'd think, especially with the state of PC gaming now I predict lots less people building uber machines.

Shepherd 2142922d ago

Friendly AI is bad in pretty much every game on the planet, nice try though. Ive never played a game on any platform in any console or PC generation where i watched the AI and said "wow that was smart AI partner" several times.

badz1492922d ago

seems like more people are disagreeing with the fact that the graphic is horrible! die hard valve fans much? I don't think it's THAT hard to admit that the source engine is indeed too outdated for todays standard, it isn't funny!

TotalPS3Fanboy2922d ago

The AI is stupider than those nonthinking zombies.

TrenchaunT2922d ago

I thought the graphics engine sucked when it was new. Doom3 engine was way better.

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Ve3tro2922d ago

I thought it was bad the other day when I was playing, would't heal me or give supplies just hogged onto it even though it didn't need it.

Ziriux2922d ago

Yea, this is still not as bad as when I once bought the King Kong game from Ubisoft's developers. It had this glitch where Jack Black was suppose to grab something and light a fire and wasn't doing it.

cb8102922d ago

No thanks. I'll pass, I now have another reason to avoid that game

Ziriux2922d ago

One sorry little glitch is your reason come on dude.

table2922d ago

It's a pretty good game to be fair. Beats a lot of shooters out there... MW2 springs to mind as I say this...

002922d ago

wasn't expecting that.

Wolfie2922d ago

And they said Uncharted2 AI is stupid... EPIC FAIL

Whut2922d ago

Why do you have to bring UC2? everything always gotta have some kind of link with previous PS3 game. Every game got glitches. and L4D2 is meant to be played with other people.

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