7.0 Review: Tekken 6 At last, the saga of Tekken has managed to make its entrance into the world of HD game consoles. It took years to make this happen, so programmers have had very long to come up with new ideas from the cylinder with which to renew the series. Yet, Tekken 6 is basically Tekken 5 in HD, unless some changes to the combat system and a flood of questionable elements of the outline.

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monkey nuts3108d ago

Hhhmmm, there was me thinking Tekken 5 DR was 1080p..........

nan03107d ago

Tekken 6 is probably atleast 8.5, 8.8 to people who aren't already tekken fans. Tekken 6 has the must fluid fighting system out of all the series and all other fighting games I've played so far. The Motion blur looks so sweet.