6.0 Review: Gravity Crash Among the undoubted merits of the current generation of consoles, there is any doubt, to have revived taste deliciously old school video games: between WiiWare, PSN and Live Arcade, and a plethora of experiments "by room" and even old glories the brink of oblivion and are living a second youth thanks to the unexpected possibilities of digital delivery.

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Cajun Chicken3188d ago

How can a review praise so much and up with a 6? I'm pretty confused by this...

Fulensenca3185d ago

They just can' t stand Ps3 and whatever Sony does.

I' m italian and I was an active forum user for some time, I know very, very well that site.
I got bored very fast because they are just 360 fanboys that pretend to be detached.