Sony is busy with trying to bring Marvel PSN Comics to the PlayStation 3

PS3-Sense writes: On the GamesCom 2009 show Sony announced very much new things and applications. For the PSP they announced a comic reader which makes it possible to read your favourite Marvel comics on your PSP. Like Spiderman, X-man and plenty more.

Sony is getting many questions if it's coming to the PlayStation 3. Sony told on their official Twitter page that they're looking bringing it to the PlayStation 3.

Quote:''looking in to what we can do on the ps3. Lots of people are asking for it''

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Killermen3161d ago

Comics on PS3, that's new

Rumor Monger3161d ago

List of country specific codes for FREE COMICS:

South Africa - T3C2-TQBB-R6JA
USA - 63N8-R2BF-9E4D
Australia - BGPA-8CBH-DRKL
New Zealand - 7CP5-QTBA-TLRK
Ireland - GMN8-H8B8-QN83

Rumor Monger3161d ago

but there is no code for Germany yet, maybe later...

whoelse3161d ago

Personally it doesn't interest me. The point of it being on the PSP is because of portability. Wants the point displaying it on your TV screen?

There are lots of PSP features that I would like to see, for example:

Ability to pause your game and come back to it later at the exact same place you left it.
Internet Radio
RSS Feeds

ThanatosDMC3160d ago

I'm betting Marvel Comics and DC Comics (im not really sure if they're the same now or whatever) in the US and EU while mangas in JP.

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deshon093161d ago

it just keep getting better

HDgamer3161d ago

Animated comics are better for me, I like being lazy and watching a comic lol.

NecrumSlavery3160d ago

Did you watch the Eye of Isla motion comic for Uncharted 2?

It's on the EU PSN. It is actually really good. I'd like more of these.

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