Crysis LIVE! Video from the Reallife Event

Video from Crysis LIVE!, the Reallife Event in Nottingham.

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Pandamobile3014d ago

I don't understand what's going on here :\

mxpxboy3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Did you watch the whole video? If so, life may continue to be hard for you.

FantasyStar3014d ago

It's basically an airsoft event. Woot~!

HDgamer3014d ago

It's sad people not playing the game and playing with toys

Pandamobile3014d ago

I know it was airsoft I just didn't get what it has to do with Crysis.

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mxpxboy3014d ago

People. The players are trying to sneak past the guards(who are wearing masks and glasses so they can't see) to get the loot inside the shelter. The player is wearing a device on his leg that makes sound, so he has to move as slowly and stealthily as possible or he will be shot and the game will be over.

TABSF3014d ago

Real time all the time! to new definitions lol

Charmers3014d ago

I demand we see comparisons between the Real Life version, PC version, 360 version and PS3 version. Then we will get the 360 users saying theirs is better, the PS3 using screaming "don't be silly blu-ray clearly makes our version more realistic" and PC gamers going pfft look at the really naff low res textures on the real life version my GTX45898 can max this game out at 2,000fps.

Then naturally it will emerge that Crysis Live doesn't use dedicated servers at which point the console users will laugh and the PC users will go "that sucks, I am so not supporting real life ever again. I refuse to ever get a life".

/sarcasm <- for those that think I was serious.

As for this erm Crysis Live, I like Crysis (the game) I really do but this is going a wee bit too over the top for me. But if that's what floats your boat I aint going to cause any waves about it.

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