PSX Extreme: Critics Suffering From "Look At Me" Syndrome

PSX Extreme writes: "This pic is a visual example of what too many video game critics have been doing as of late: using a gimmick to get more people to read their article.

In this particular case, I'm talking about issuing a review that clearly contrasts sharply with the norm, thereby causing a big ruckus and generating plenty of traffic for the author's website. We are in a unique position in this industry, in that the vast majority of journalism happens in the virtual realm and further, most all sites depend on traffic for revenue."

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Zedux3039d ago

great article also worth mentioning are the gifts critics receive and base their score on that!

Saaking3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Completely agree. Like those morons that give games like KZ2 and UC2 good scores. They're laughable. EDGE is a prime example. Either they hate games or they're just really, really "special" (if you know what I mean).

heroicjanitor3038d ago

Not like U2 or KZ2? Or is a good score a bad score because it's not a great score?

NineteenSeventyNine3038d ago

I find it hilarious that PSXExtreme are complaining about sites looking for hits. These guys are a trash, fanboy site. Remember that article "My 360 is collecting dust"? They release flaimbait headlines like that but then complain about other sites using attractive women to lure hits or trying to wh0re themselves out. Just rediculous.

Saaking3038d ago

for got the not before good.

Ravage273038d ago

It should be called an 'EDGE syndrome'

NecrumSlavery3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I thought Edge was a major 360fanboy site until they gave Dragon Age a 5/10. Actually they probably knocked it cause it kills them to see a Bioware game on the PS3. So I guess they are after all.

my bad

well games shouldn't be reviewed based on the name or console. but on the quality. it also irks me that the 360 can get higher graphics rating even though the ps3 looks better. games shouldn't be held to different standards. if thats the case then ODST would of been a 6/10
and heavenly sword a 9.

ThanatosDMC3038d ago

Meh... it was the picture that got me to click.

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gumgum993038d ago

Very well thought out article, and incredibly unbiased. I wish more people, like this author, existed in gaming journalism today. It speaks volumes that a website focused on one platform can have more common sense then the biggest sites out there.

rtonaey3038d ago

And psxextreme is one of the better sites around. And no, I'm not affiliated, just found myself waking up every morning and the first thing I do is check their site.

Yeah, it's that good.

Then I check That "little blog"

Then I check N4G... Best of the Best~

And then I check Eurogamer. Just love them.

DRUDOG3038d ago

Ben Dutka has been great since I've been go to the website. They've made a lot of changes to the site over the past few years, but he hasn't one bit. Always unbiased and tells it like it is.

NineteenSeventyNine3038d ago

@ rtonaey, DRUDOG

You guys must be joking. This site is just as bad as HipHopGamer, probably even worse since they only cater to Sony fanboys. At least HHG tries to play both sides of the coin. Just because this article isn't like the total crap they usually release, doesn't mean this site is any less unbiased.

Simon_Brezhnev3038d ago

@ 2.3

You sir are and idiot of course they cater to Sony fans its a site just for Sony.

NineteenSeventyNine3038d ago

@ imdaboss

"You sir are and idiot"

Give you two guesses. . .

Anyhoo, IIRC I said Sony FANBOYS, not Sony fans. Big difference. These guys constantly come up with garbage after garbage article, either praising Sony or bashing Microsoft or Nintendo. This particular article is just a rare occurance.

Sarcasm3038d ago

"These guys constantly come up with garbage after garbage article, either praising Sony or bashing Microsoft or Nintendo"

And what difference is that to other Xbox oriented websites that bash everything Playstation?

At least nobody's confused that Bet Dutka's preference is Playstation from a site called "PSXtreme"

Not like those pretend neutral folks that probably has posters in their rooms with dead playstations all over the place.

Arnon3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Honestly... I agree with what 2.3 said. I even remember Ben coming on here and telling the community that they were a pile of trash (even though a good fraction are, it seems) in the gamerzone. He then told us that we should not visit his website.

"Do me a favor

If you plan on signing up to post drivel that might pass here but NOT at our site, please don't bother. We work hard to keep our community full of polite, intelligent gamers.

We don't need this site's trash. If you want to contribute in the way most of our readers contribute, you're always welcome. Otherwise, please stay away. Thank you.

Ben S. Dutka

Oh, and he posted this in an article about the console wars and how he pretty much supports it.

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Anorexorcist3038d ago

Now I'm in the mood for some pie!

HolyOrangeCows3038d ago

Honest business isn't competitive enough.

And it's the same story with journalism.

Redgehammer3037d ago

So many sites that discuss gaming employ the same levels of journalistic integrity as say the National Enquirer or the Globe. In fact we could Have a National Game Enquirer with articles such as " Michael Jackson's Sperm Impregnates PS3, Promises to Beat it Regularly" or "Xbox 360 Abducted By Aliens Develops True Red-Ring of Death due to Incessant Probing". Ben Dutka is spot on in his criticism of those that participate in such practices.