Aonuma would have liked MotionPlus available for Twilight Princess

Eiji Aonuma has stated that he wishes MotionPlus was released a long time ago, perhaps so the dev. team could have used it in Twilight Princess.

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Valay3160d ago

I know many Zelda fans weren't entirely pleased with the motion controls in Twilight Princess, but I thought they were fine. With that said, I still hope that the next Zelda game can take advantage of MotionPlus and create a unique experience.

Madusha3160d ago

Motion + should be available on all Wii games. It really makes a difference.

mastiffchild3160d ago

Look, I don't care if the next Zelda supports Motion Plus, other peripherals or Ipswich Town(with or with Roy Keane and his bitter diatrives about the FAI-hilarious as they are)as long as we finally get a Zelda made for the Wii at some point before the next one launches as TP was just a late GC game with added waggle(even if it's still a good game).

You've had ages-put the game out already. It's in GT5 and AW's league if you ask me and EVEN they have release dates now! Reggie saying it won't be 2010 year worries me no end as by holidays 2011 I expect them to be near a new console and I doubt a Zelda game won't be a holiday release, does anyone?

EvilTwin3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Valay -- I agree. LoZ:TP is easily still one of my favorite games.

Mastiff -- Sadly, I don't think there's any way around Nintendo following the same Zelda strategy they used with Twilight Princess. It's there biggest gun, and using it as a launch title is a killer sales strategy. It's pretty much THE exclusive killer app any company could have.
That pisses me off as a gamer, because I want Zelda NOW. But I don't think we'll see it 'til 2011. We'll get Other M, SMG2, Sin & Punishment 2, and maybe Pikmin 3 next year...but probably not Zelda.

...and it must be asked...what the HELL is Retro doing?!? If they're working on Zelda, it's the biggest tease in the history of gave developer teases.

Redempteur3160d ago

i loved being able to use the bow in TP ...

it's the zelda game were i used the bow the most ...

I'm happy ...but yeah i want to see more ... in the NEXT zelda game ... if TP without MP didn't let them happy , they can use their next project to improve

Vortex3D3160d ago

If Nintendo would have released Motion Plus before Twilight Princess came out, Nintendo would be saying Wiimote motion sensors is simply broken and requires a "patch". Nintendo has to wait for a while to ensure enough gamers said Wiimote motion sensors aren't accurate enough before MotionPlus is released as a way to say it "improves" the accuracy. Nintendo has said having MotionPlus type of sensor built into Wiimote said the controller more expensive and they want to build it as cheap as possible.

Nintendo knew Wiimote motion sensors suck but the product is targeted for casual gamers who don't care if they are really controlling the game as long the game lets them win.

The reality is MotionPlus has become a hype because there are so few games that is designed to use it after the release. Simply reason is most Wii games are made for casual gamers who can't deal with a controller that demands accuracy. It's why most casual gamers only know how to shake and wave the Wiimote like crazy thinking that's how to play games.

MonopolyRSV3159d ago

Gonna need more than Motion Plus to make that lackluster game any better...