How Zelda Could Learn From Fallout 3

The Legend of Zelda series is in need of change. This mindset is shared by the majority of Zelda fans out there. The formula has remained basically the same ever since the first game with the exception of The Adventure of Link.

Of course there has been progress in the series, otherwise people would have stopped buying Zelda games years ago. This progress however has been very subtle and just enough to keep us coming back. Since The Ocarina of Time was released in 1998 we have yet to have any major changes to the series. The Ocarina of Time went on to sell 7.6 million copies and got one of the highest reviews of any video game in history. This was because Nintendo took the already popular Zelda series in a brand new direction and the result was absolutely amazing.

So where should Nintendo go now? How can they make the Legend of Zelda fresh and new for its fans and other gamers? In my opinion they should make the game more like the popular Fallout 3 series. Fallout was a well established PC gaming series but it had never appealed to a large gaming base. However, Bethesda Studios took the reins in making Fallout 3 and the end result was a huge success. Fallout 3 shipped about 4.7 million copies in the first week alone and many more with the release of the Game of the Year Edition.

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Kamikaze1353075d ago

Here's what Zelda can learn from Fallout 3: Don't crash every few hours >_>

iamtehpwn3074d ago

Fallout 3 crashes a lot?
Yeah, it has quite a few glitches.

wxer3074d ago

"a few glitches"


that game has glitches EVERY WHERE
freezes and crashes too

i think bethesda should get a new coding / programming team

iamtehpwn3074d ago

I remember watching my brother play, and he would kill something, and the dead body would SPIN, out of control. o_o

MisterNiwa3074d ago

heck, you think thats crazy? When i gave a Super Mutant a headshot he was like expanding his body over the whole map!? And then it started moving around, totally creepy.

-GametimeUK-3074d ago

All these crashes and bugs?
You guys are obviously talking about the PS3 version which is severely gimped in comparison to the 360 version... Seriously multi plats for 360... You should know this by now :)

Redempteur3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

No maybe we're talking about these dlc on PC witch thanks to games for windows didn't even start ..

OK the ps3 froze more ..but the other version wereNOT exempt of bugs either ...

The entire game is a exemple of 3d buggy overwolrd... and some of these bugs could have been easily corrected for their game of theyear edition ..but ..they didn't ...

it's lazy work at best ...

Please fire the current coding team ...and TRY to use another engine ... that was the main flaws of fallout 3 ...

MisterNiwa3074d ago

sorry to hurt your feelings, but im talking about the PC version. :(

iamtehpwn3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

What are you talking about dude? I played the Xbox360 version of Fallout 3. It's just glitchy...period.

Tomdc3074d ago

Smooth gameplay experiance!

Decent and fun combat!

Use of colour! (yh americans I used the right spelling of "colour" deal with it :P)

Seferoth753074d ago

Yeah but sadly it is experience not experiance. Oh and Colour may be right in some country but not in American English. Which is probably why people correct you.. Don't cry to them though. Hell even the N4G spell check says colour is wrong

TheDeadMetalhead3074d ago

- leave Megaton
- Travel across the Wasteland for 20 minutes to Smith Casey's Garage
- Game freezes as you open the door.

fml D:

@GametimeUK - You are a total fanboy idiot if you believe that. If Fallout Wiki is anything to go by, the PS3 version is the least glitchy version by far. The only way the PS3 version was inferior was that it had a f***ton of aliasing. @[email protected]

peeps3074d ago

yep. indeed. i personally went for the 360 version and he's speaking like there were no bugs in the 360 version lmao

with a game the size of fallout, theres no surprise there are bugs, but there were a ton. tbh tho the game was so enjoyable i didn't even care about the bugs

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iamtehpwn3075d ago

I'm sorry, I'd take Zelda anyday.

sakura20093075d ago

is this supposed to be a joke

LegendZelda3075d ago

I dont see where it could be a joke at...

sakura20093075d ago

why would zelda need to learn from a crappy game

LegendZelda3075d ago

Zelda is defo a better game IMO. I was just mentioning the interactive aspects of Fallout of which I enjoyed. And I would like to see zelda be more interactive. It would be nice to change the formula some and make a more interesting zelda experience.

sakura20093075d ago

nintendo alrdy said the new zelda will break away from the old formula and be more interactive with the wiimote

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