PC Is Short for Pirate Candy

Some of the efforts that makers of PC games have been taking to prevent piracy are causing a great deal of grief for many PC gamers. But did PC gamers bring this upon themselves by pirating games? A born-again PC gamer, Bryan examines some of gamemakers' recent shenanigans and how they're influenced by piracy.

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Pandamobile3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Piracy isn't a whole lot different than renting in my opinion.

When you pay $8 to rent a game, that money isn't going to the developer or publisher.

Skeptical on a game purchase? Download it off a bittorrent site. Play the game. Is the game good/worth purchasing? Yes? Buy it and support the developer. Get bored of it half-way through, or you just don't like it? Uninstall it and be done with it.

I've done this with lots of games. Played half of Resident Evil 5. Loved it, and bought it on Steam. Played some ARMA 2. Decided fairly early on that it wasn't my type of game and I deleted it.

1 illegal download doesn't mean the loss of a sale and I think every media publisher whether it be games, TV, movies, or music all think it works like that.

snaileri3191d ago

But game developers and trolling console kids don't seem to understand that.

Darkfocus3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

ya Piracy isn't necessarily loss of a sale because the people who pirated weren't necessarily going to buy it in the first place. used game sales and rentals probably hurt the Industry just as much or more because if you bought the game used you were a potential sale but none of that money gos to the devs so they actually lost a sale whereas if you pirated you wouldn't necessarily have bought it anyway had the option to pirate not been available.

Elven63190d ago

Rental stores purchase the games from the publisher, that is money in their pocket. With some games a rental store might be lucky to turn a profit on. With Piracy, no money goes into the developer/publishers pocket.

Yes not all pirates will buy the game but if 100,000 people pirate a game, you can bet some of those people might have bought the game otherwise.

S4NDM4N3190d ago

Don't forget used titles either. Devs get no money whatsoever from used titles

Darkfocus3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

thats why I said not necessarily a sale. obviously those without morals would still pirate games that they would otherwise buy if no other means of obtaining them were available to them but not everyone is like that and devs lose out on some sales from rentals because some games I would have bought had I not rented them first and decided it wasn't worth it. I'm sure others have done the same thing and thats one lost sale every time someone does that and they only get one sale from each rental store. Of course that could always apply vice verse if someone rents a game and decides to buy it after when they weren't initially planing on doing so. So its kind of a nullified point.

Nuclearwinter3190d ago

I agree, downloading a game to try it out before you buy or not is an easy way to find out if its worth sinking $40 or $50 into. I'll also download a game then use my legit key so I don't have to be bothered with their lame ass DRM schemes that did nothing to keep me from playing a pirated version, only my own. Last game I downloaded was Demigod, I played it for 2 hours straight then went and bought it. It was an awesome game, too bad it isn't doing well.

PinkUni3190d ago

piracy will always be here, because the game developers get away with so much

i mean they're selling you games and most the the time they are almost complete copies of other games or their own games using the same graphics engines

and they sell them to you for what? 60 bucks, the disks cost less then a penny to make so its pretty much all profit

and steam game downloads and other pay-for downloadbale games? what? they're providing servers for the games, but the pirates already provide free servers

and as for those "high budget games" most of that money is going into paying off actors and a whole bunch of other bullsh!t that has nothing to do with the actual game's graphics

the gaming industry does not need any support for anti-piracy because what they do is making a ridiculous amount of profit

Baka-akaB3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Imo there are such wrong assumptions that "legit pirates" AKA those that pirate games yet buy their prefered ones , are only few .

Not when a game like MW2 can sell so much and yet be that pirated . Publishers would lead you to believe that those pirating it and those buying it arent the same at all . That it would mean double sales .

Quite frankly i dont know a single pc gamer that didnt get at some point an illegal copy . Nor would you find that many psp owner without a hacked psp , be it for homebrew utilities or plain piracy .
It's widespread to a point that you could dare say that "everyone does it" .

You'll just find various degrees of piracy in many places imo ...

There are the ones using as a big demo . And i wouldnt be so quick to fault them yet . PC demo are a dying breed .
Hell even the biggest console titles can somehow and oddly avoid a demo or beta ... look at assassin creed's 2 despite having disspointed many with the first one , and MW2 ...

Some only buy multiplayer stuff and pirate the rest ... because of their added replay value , or the fear/impossibility to play some titles online when pirated .

Some only support indie/obscure titles , those they deem worthy of their money and priate the rest ...

Some actually buys a lots of games , but cant afford all they play or want to play .

Wrong or not , i sure can see why and where they'd come from ...
How the hell is the common gamer supposed to know that Dragon age , a single player game , hence with no redeeming feature if you dislike it's campaign , is awesome without a trial ?

They are supposed to because EA released some stupid commercial with a misleading marilyn manson song ? Or because some fat stranger receiving gift and free trips to europe , says so in his highly corrupted review magasine or website ? or because almighty benefactor that is EA gifted us with a nice ... charcter builder instead of an actual demo ?

No demo ? then so be it , feel free to reap the benefits of someone deciding to try the game for free , and that since he got it anyway , and that you werent willing to give his such regard , he should just keep his free copy anyway ... and buy something multiplayer only instead .

Especially when some moron decides than to prevent some piracy he didnt actually succeed to stop anyway ,your legit game has to be tied to a Live service , or steam , or whatever ..

robedias273190d ago

I agree with cpuchess...I used to pirate games, music, etc. Then my moral compass kicked in and said know...the devs spend lots of time and money to create titles and then they put a price on their hard work. And i play without paying them? THIEVERY!

If they wanted you to play the game beforehand...there would be a demo! good grief...

Don't disguise it. Don't justify it. P2P is only legal via freeware and media you ALREADY OWN.

If we want PC gaming to thrive, we have to support developers and publishers. If you're not supportive enough to the PC gaming commuinty get out and play your "casual" consoles.

Baka-akaB3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Consoles are completely pirated save the ps3 ..... and always have been .. with varying degree of difficulty rangin from just having a cd-r/dvd-r/mem card , to firmware or drive hacking .

And casual ? even with the apostrophes it doesnt register quite right ..
With PC as home platform of the sims , deer hunter , cabella's hunting games , spore , Barbie Fashion Show and bejeweled stuff :p ?

Anyway back to topic ...
I dont have to hide or disguise it ... it is wrong ... i just use my otherwise still not entirely wrong own values wich compells me to ultimately buy my games .

But still , no sorry you can't just dev your game without a demo while you obviously had many time to prepare many dlcs and tell us to STFU , just check metacritic and buy (as an ex looking at you Ubisoft with assassin creed's 2).

Especially when not everyone can just complain about games costing 50 to 60 dollars ... For a fact , where i live a boxed pc games nearly cost 100 dollars , and a console game around 125 dollars (and there is no rental store whatsoever in the country) .
For that cost of course many would become simple thieves .

At least digital distribution is finally starting to blossom , and is the key like said below .

PS : i commend your morality , i really do ...
But if you buy used it no longer works . Sure it gives the comfort of knowing that SOMEONE bought a legit copy ... but that someone aint you ...
Your money only fed the original owners or some the alternative market many shops likes to run .

Hell , one thieve might consider ultimately buying a legit copy for any of the reasons mentioned earlier ... but once you got your used physical copy you probably wont feel like doing so .

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I've been caught before, an email was sent to me from my ISP ordering a cease and desist. In the email it detailed that some electronic copyright office informed them that my IP has been linked to copyright infringing and illegal downloading etc etc.

Basically I had 2 options. Deny and go to court. Or "delete" and inform them that all files have been nullified. OF course I chose the latter, and immediately banged out an email back to em.

None the less, I still download, and will countinue to download, only because...

Some games are not worth the asking price. I'll spend the whole day downloading a game, just so I can give it a good hour or two of my time. Most of the time, I end up deleting it because I didn't like it. (Mirrors Edge) Trying before I buy is essential when looking at Multiplayer games, because a lot of the time, these excellent MP games have terrible connection issues.

I currently own the Orange Box, CS:S, Gears of War, FEAR 1 and 2, Crysis and Crysis Warhead, COD4, [email protected], BF2142, and Bioshock. Not a whole lot of games compared to the PS3, but thats not counting the PC games I've downloaded, played, and immediately deleted.

cpuchess3190d ago

A lot of things aren't worth the price, it doesn't give you the right to steal.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3190d ago

I know some people buy video games like their freakin tacos, but I'm not about to drop my hard earned dough on something I've seen, heard, or read about.

I'm simply demoing the end product before making my decision.

I downloaded MW2, played the first mission, laughed my ass off at how terrible it is, then trash canned the files like a newly extracted dead fetus.

Yes. Modern Warfare 2 = Defunct baby

Baka-akaB3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

If you can't display your product to me , i aint buying it's as simple as that .

Videos dont mean sh*t.. a dragon age video is usually some slow motion crap with manson music in the backgrounds , that try to sell the game as some god of war medieval clone instead of the great traditional bioware rpg it is .

review dont mean sh*t , even for great game such as DA , there are cases of obvious bribes ... and the fact that reviewers are as prone to subjectivity as you , without sharing you thoughts on gaming anyway .

previews are even worse , it's a stage where like in reviews , they dont actually gives you detailled and useful infos , except with rose colored glasses here , as they dont even dare tell if the game is bad outright at this point .

I take pride in buying most if not everygames i play extensively and deleting the others without finishing them... but i'll obviously find a way to try a pc game first . I only 100% trust a very select few numbers of developers with closed eyes .

Charmers3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I think we should congratulate Infinity Ward and Activision. They have done a marvellous job of pulling the wool over everyone's eyes here. This new has absolutely nothing to do with piracy but you wouldn't think it reading all the ill-informed blogs. The single aim of IW.Net is to introduce a subscription service where people will be expected to pay to play COD online. However they are being portrayed as the victim rather than being money grabbing corrupt gits that are trying to take every gamer for every last penny they have. is about greed and has nothing to do with piracy.

If you want to know why PC software sales are struggling ? I will tell you, you aren't producing games PC gamers want to buy, hell these days 99% of the crap that is released isn't even worth pirating. Now come on if people aren't even stealing your crap they are hardly likely to buy it either.

Naturally producing products your customer actually wants is too much like hard work so lets just blame piracy and move to the consoles where they will buy pretty much any old crap we can make.

Baka-akaB3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Seriously i can't really remember the last thing worth our attention on PC between The witcher and Dragon age , that wasnt a mmo ... and it's a shame .

ill admit , that my gaming preferences (namely mostly rpgs) are partially to blame for those vague memories , but still was there any stellar release in between i forgot that wasnt a graphic card benchmark or a mmo ?

And contrary to some beliefs hardly everyone is into mmos .

FantasyStar3190d ago

If your game is good and priced well, people will recognize that and the sales will reflect that. Regardless of piracy.

TABSF3190d ago

PC games are cheaper than Consoles games because on PC the Developer/ Publisher does not have to pay royalties to Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony.

On PC there is no Royalties Besides a small fee for Steam
Also the Developer/ Publishers would get more money from retails

I would Bet that If EA was only to release 100,000 Copies of Army of Two on each platform (PS3, 360, Wii and PC) PC would be the most profitable as they would not have to pay royalties

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