Assassin's Creed II Glyphs and Statuettes Guide

If you've been playing Assassin's Creed for a while, you already know that the 100 hidden feathers that litter the game are only the beginning of what the game offers obsessive collector-types. The real prizes are the Glyphs, 20 semi-hidden signs left plastered on certain landmarks, which were hacked into the Animus by the mysterious Subject 16. Once you've found them – which can be tough considering the size of some of the marked buildings – you'll then be tasked with solving a brief series of puzzles before you can crack the increasingly horrifying conspiracy story within.

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ballsofsteel3158d ago

could have used this a couple days ago. some of the glyphs are very badly located

ThanatosDMC3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

This is better:

The one in Romania is terribly located. It's way way far away from the picture from the Animus.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3158d ago

I played this game yesterday for about 2 hours and it was boring me to tears.
After playing the first one, I had my fingers crossed that this one wouldn't be as boring as the day is long, but it looks like they have managed to make it almost as boring as the first one.

Unless it gets better soon, I am going to be sending this right back to Gamefly Monday morning.

ThanatosDMC3158d ago

It's a journey. You'll love it. It's just Ezio learning to become a Master Assassin (with Desmond). It's slow depending on the stuff you do. The story unwraps fairly slow, i know.

PrimordialSoupBase3157d ago

This time the tedium depends on you. If you spend three hours looking for a little emblem on a massive building, then it's bound to be boring. Only a street away there's probably something to do.

ThanatosDMC3157d ago

The game gives you the freedom to explore. Except that one time your memory is locked since the festival hasnt happened yet.

I spent hours on end getting all the viewpoints while being side tracted by those robbers and that banker errand boy that gives you $500 and $1500 respectively. I have $300,000+ money wise now... but i finished the game.

Hellsvacancy3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

AC2 is GREAT, i havnt enjoyed a great deal of games this year im 1 of those *been there and played it* sorta people and it takes abit 2 impress me, and AC2 has done just that, im a happy gamer

On topic. i found my 1st glyph yesterday (by complete mistake) it goes well trippy, made the game that little more interestin (over the 1st game)

Thanks 4 the guide Bloodmask but AC2 is a game i wanna complete 2 the fullest all on my own

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Ok, you are the one who proudly proclaims that you sit around and smoke tons of weed all day, yet I'm the idiot. :/

I bet when you sober up AC2 will be a lot less fun. lol

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BYE3158d ago

The real price are the feathers, much harder to get.

DigitalAnalog3156d ago

I absolutely HATE the ones where you have to go out to the country side to find them. I'm not sure if I missed one over there.