Modern Warfare 2's Glaring Plot Holes Exposed

Buy the ticket, take the ride. Good advice, but after the credits roll what are you left with? Modern Warfare 2's campaign is certainly a rollicking thrillcoaster, but the convoluted story has left many scratching their heads.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3161d ago

was a plot.

I play Uncharted for plot.

OGharryjoysticks3161d ago

The story mode is essentially only there to provide different scenarios and locales to fight in. I guess the action itself is the story, but the characters and plot are as generic as it comes - even for video games. Basically you don't buy a copy of Guns & Ammo for an interesting read.

Saaking3161d ago

There is a story but it's really thin from what I've heard.

Rocket Sauce3161d ago

I really wish they'd replace all the dialog with explosions. It'd be 10 times better.

Just skip all that half-assed story nonsense and get straight to the blowin' up.

Christopher3161d ago

If they're glaring... why the need for an article on them?

Honestly, everyone will tell you, the mass majority of people play MW for the online game and not for the story in the single player game.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3161d ago

On GTTV the IW CEO said they were really excited to make a sequel in to CoD4 because they "spent a lot of time crafting the characters" but they ruined the story and the characters in MW2. The story in MW2 blew and the way it was told was TERRIBLE! I had to look up info online to figure out what happened.

At the end when the credits suddenly started rolling, I was like "WTF?! That's it?" Maybe MW3 will have an ending that isn't a sh!tty cliff hanger.

I wasn't one of the people hating on MW2 so I went in with an open mind but I still think it's mediocre as fvck.

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Mr Tretton3161d ago

lmao, watch this game end up winning Story of the Year awards.

Polluted3161d ago

I thought it was an okay story. Sure, sometimes you'll find yourself in the middle of a skirmish somewhere without much of an idea why you're there, but I think that's what it would be like if you were a US soldier and your country got attacked out of nowhere. Nobody would take the time to go into detail about why you're shooting at bad guys in the suburbs. Your orders would come down from the top and off you'd go without asking why.

Seems like IW was going for that sort of feeling.

Baka-akaB3161d ago

Poor excuses . It got plot holes for a more simple reason that hardly got to do with the theme imo ...

It's basically a summer blockbuster movie , only interactive . nothing more , nothing less .

Hence the so-so writting , the on purpose shock factor such as the hostage situation , and the usual bit of paranoia and cinspiracy you'd find in many movies .

I dont even see the interest of over analysing the plot like the article seems to do ... it's a good non stop action joyride ... and it's very few attempt to be deeper falls flat as it should .

It's funny how those sites are often caught analyzing obvious pupolar titles and yet wouldnt touch with a pole obviously text and plot heavy rpgs and jrpgs .

No it's so much more easier to look at the obvious gaping holes in gears of war , uncharted , cod or whatever ... and it helps that those names gives you lots of hits

Redempteur3161d ago


"Conclusion: Makarov’s face is smaller than a bullet."

that explain everything ...

Snarkasaur3161d ago

This made my day after the crap fest that n4g has been this terrible Saturday afternoon. I only wish I'd have thought to write the article first!

blu_yu_away3161d ago

Great article, all of these moments had me thinking what the hell. Throughout the game I really couldn't follow the story. It just seemed way too jumbled, and is clearly only pieced together to provide an exotic mixture of locals to play in. I was ripe with cliches all over. Double cross by high ranking US military figure, check. Bring back old fan favorite character everyone though was dead, check. 2 man team saves the day, check.

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