GameDaily: ModNation Racers Preview: Under the Hood

GameDaily writs: "While many developers folded with the recession, independent studio United Front Games prospered. Over the past two years, the start-up has grown from 40 to 200 employees. The world caught a glimpse of its first game at Sony's E3 press conference, when ModNation Racers was singled out along with huge franchises like God of War III. United Front Games opened its doors to game journalists for the first time this week and unveiled new details on its PlayStation 3 exclusive Spring 2010 kart racing game."

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-Alpha3075d ago

I really don't get why Sony didn't allow Sackboys to be the characters in the game.

I mean, Sackboy is a great mascot not only for the PS3, but for the Play.Create.Share concept Sony is pushing.

It would have been great if Media Molecule/Sony allowed/implemented this.

The characters are what makes the game charming and LBP is a charming game, Sackboy is a charming character.

That's why games like Mario are so great-- half the work is the game, the other half is the charm of the characters.

Anyway, regardless of that issue I have, I'm sure the game will be great. Though it doesn't seem to offer the complexity of LBP, it does look interesting and hopefully Sony can solidify the gameplay.

sashimi3074d ago

comeon not everything has to be the killer of something, just enjoy the game since it's going to be awesome!

sashimi3074d ago

I think the characters look fine and will certainly be first day purchase since i've been lacking a kart racing game since Crash Team Racing(chocobo racing also :)) which was awesome btw(wish it could be revamped with online play)

Karum3074d ago

Day 1 purchase just like LBP was.

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