GameSpot: CoD: Modern Warfare Reflex Review

All told, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition does right by the source material. The expertly scripted and intensely exciting campaign is just as entertaining as it was two years ago on other systems, and even the occasional lapses in visual fidelity and control precision can't keep it from being a must-play for Wii shooter fans. Though the multiplayer will feel familiar to World at War veterans, the modern guns, equipment, and perks will make it feel new again, and the expanded gameplay modes offer a lot more variety. Though there are a few hitches to deal with, the core excellence of this game shines through, giving Wii owners a great shooter to keep them entertained for months to come.

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EvilTwin3194d ago

Gee, would you look at that -- someone that actually spent time with the game to review it, instead of rushing something out a day after they received it (coughBozonIGNcough).

This and the 1UP review are dead on. COD4 was a great game in 2007, and it's still a great game on the Wii now, because greatness shines through, even if the visuals are a bit muddier.

Gr813194d ago

Is probably the best one I've seen. I agree 100% with everything he said. I may have to start listening to Gamespot reviews again.

Hey Evil I need your FC shoot it to me when you can. Still getting my ass handed to me lol.

EvilTwin3194d ago

Sorry Arius, thought I sent that to you. I'll PM it now.

Y'gotta learn how to camp out in this game. Run 'n gun will get you killed (unless you're a 40 rank playing a 10). Being methodical in your movements is key. If you haven't tightened up your ADS camera speed, I definitely recommend it. I only shoot from the hip now if I can't avoid it.

AJBACK2FRAG3194d ago

but the lack of Wii speak is criminal. Strategizing is impotant and communication between team members is so crucial to this kind of game and not to have anything justs sucks so bad. Is there anyway for some kind of voice communication to be tacked on to these two important Call of Duty Wii ports? (World at War and Reflex) Anybody?

asdr3wsfas3194d ago

Eh, that just makes looking at the radar a more valuable skill. I played WoW without vent and this is hardly a big deal. If you have a LMG and see someone with a sniper rifle follow them and it works out ;)

You could use vent if you wanted on a pc to talk to people. Just play with preset teams. I'd rather go silent than deal with racial slurs/my gf getting pissed cause I can't talk to her when I play. People played counter strike for years without voice chat. It's not that big a deal and makes aware players even more valuable in team mode.

EvilTwin3194d ago

I'd like voice chat, too, but for the most part, I agree with oobob.

By far, I hear more homophobic/sophomoric taunting than anything else online, not strategy.

If you're sniping, put claymores around your doors.

If you're moving around, don't be a lone run 'n gunner. Stay in pairs (or more) and make sure there's someone else to help you check corners. Staying in teams also lets you know where C4 gets planted.

tunaks13194d ago

this is the first time i agree with Gamespot and not IGN for a wii review

Shnazzyone3194d ago

been on this game for a solid week now. It is lots of fun. The multiplayer levels are so well designed. I can see why this game has such solid staying power.

ambientFLIER3194d ago

Have you managed to not play this game on the other systems for the last 2 years?

Shnazzyone3193d ago

But i could never really get into it because dual analog is such a frustrating way to play an fps to me now. I just wanna point and shoot now.

dgroundwater3194d ago

Haha 4:53 - An "AC-10" Gunship? I think he means AC-130.