IGN: Happy Birthday Xbox 360

IGN writes:
"On Sunday, November 22, 2009, the Xbox 360 will officially turn four years old in the first region it was released in, the United States. It's with many great memories under our belt that we wish the Xbox 360 a happy birthday and well wishes in the coming year towards making it to the half-decade mark.

It was back in 2005 that Microsoft ushered in the era of HD console gaming with a launch lineup that included games like Perfect Dark Zero, Call of Duty 2, Condemned: Criminal Origins and Project Gothamn Racing 3. Those days seem like another lifetime entirely. The face of gaming has changed significantly, even in the last year alone. Just think, not a single launch game for Xbox 360 came with a big plastic peripheral.

To recognize the evolution of the system, we're taking a look back at the top five events in the past year for Xbox 360, then looking forward and pointing out five that should make the next year even more interesting. Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Game Studios, also weighs in with a few comments on the growth of Xbox 360 and the upcoming launch of Natal."

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Sanzee3015d ago

Congratulations on a successful 4 years, Microsoft!

7ero H3LL3015d ago


and people said it was this year that it was going be extinct.

the year's already coming to an end and no such prediction has happened.

Saaking3015d ago

MS has overstayed their welcome.

3015d ago
Lifendz3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

but I guess you could say the same about Sony (and Nintendo) to some extent. You can't ignore all the good things MS did with the 360. Integrated online, mandatory achievements in all games, all the features of Live, headset included, etc etc.

I really hope MS listens to the criticism like Ubisoft did ala Assassin's Creed 2. Next time don't make us buy rechargeable batteries, make sure your hardware has an acceptable failure rate on launch, hard drives should be standard, and for God's sake make XBL free.

Again, Kudos to MS. I may not agree with some of their business practices but I am grateful for them being in the console gaming business.

NoBias3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

You can't say anything positive about the 360 in a pro 360 article! (or anywhere else on this site for that matter...) The PS3 fanboys are still going to sneak in here and disagree with everything that you say. Their presence is already seen...

You've been warned...


oh will you look at that sour little grapes.

must be ones that were marking red X's on their calenders for when it was going to kick the bucket....oh, looks like you're going to have to start all over again for next year, and then year after that too until MS wants to start production of the next console. :)

3015d ago
GUNS N SWORDS3015d ago

Congratulations on a successful 4 years, Microsoft!"

yes, and those disagrees that you're getting is showing off pure immaturity of the people that dwell here.

3015d ago
ambientFLIER3015d ago

"It's amazing just how badly Microsoft blew it in the console market."

Wrong. It's actually quite impressive how much recognition and presence the xbox brand has in today's market. Many people said they could never compete with sony and nintendo, and look at them now.

"Which will be absolutely ironic because it is the RRoD causing millions and millions of Xbox 360 owners to go out and buy 2,3,4 or more duplicate consoles and helping Microsoft avoid the humiliation of having their second console sell less worldwide than their first."

Also wrong. If the system didn't have the overheating problem, it would sell even more than today, since many people wouldn't be turned off by the shoddy hardware, and would have almost nothing to hate about it.

7ero H3LL3015d ago

this place is messed up, 70 percent of the people here are off topic and offensive.

soxfan20053015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

That's because 70% of the "people" here are actually just one (very bitter) person with multiple accounts.

The irony is that he complains because he thinks people are buying multiple 360's & inflating the install base, yet here he is with his multiple accounts trying to make it seem like more people actually share his views.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

"That's because 70% of the "people" here are actually just one (very bitter) person with multiple accounts."

yup, i knew it, someone in here's got 5 to 6 accounts.

it's the geeks that bubble fvck each other with those accounts.

and they're in open zone spreading more of their anti 360 bs.

edit, oh btw, (Walther) you can stop disagreeing with me with your 2 accounts.

Shang-Long3015d ago

i remember playing call of duty at EB games.. and i didnt wanna like the graphics but i did. ( im a ps3 fanboy lol) couldn't help it. it was 1st out and had a nice launch. anyways congrats.

3015d ago
DelbertGrady3015d ago

No one thought they would stand a chance against Sony this gen. Now they've held the lead for 3 years.

Good work MS!

MaximusPrime3015d ago

4 successful years? I'd say less than 3 years. This forth year has been hell for MS.

3015d ago
Budg3tG4m3r3015d ago

Where are the mods? I'm starting to wonder why it is that so many fanboys are allowed to break the rules of this site.

ZombieNinjaPanda3015d ago

Irony MGSR, you call people out for having multiple accounts, yet you are one yourself.

ape0073015d ago

you are such an amazing console,I doubted you many times but you still give it,you have xbox live,the best online gaming experience

but I HATE RROD and E-74

ms exceeded my expectations this generation

can't wait for alan wake,sc conviction and HALO REACH

el zorro3014d ago

I've had my 360 since launch and I have really enjoyed owning it. Great online service, great games, nice controller...keep it up Microsoft. 2010 looks like an even better year for the 360.

Sony came off of two highly successful console generations and almost nobody thought the 360 stood a chance against the PS3, yet here it is still with a several million unit lead over the PS3. None of the consoles have been trouble free, but all in all I'd say the 360 has done very well.

Sheikh Yerbouti3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Why do you act like XBox has been the underdog? I remember an issue of EGM that had the PS3 covered in tomatoes about 2-3 years ago. Imagine wanting to get a console, and going online and in the magazines to find out what to get. XBox was the fan favorite this gen by a mile.

But it wasn't because of the hardware. Props to the LIVE boys for pioneering online gaming, and much credit has to be given to the developers (i.e., Bungie, Epic and Bioware).

Oh and F&#Q EGM...I bought a PS3 anyway. MGS4 FTW.

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edwineverready3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

so the people that bought the xbox360 at launch have already paid 200 dollars for xboxlive, and they said ps3 was expensive at launch. people are short term thinkers. EDIT: @Nac ODST

Nac3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Say what you want but at least MS has not tried to sell me a Demo of a game at full Price. *cough*Prologue*cough*

blitz06233015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Happy birthday indeed, and its birthday presents will be money from those banned users, unless these users turn to Sony. In that case, no birthday gifts for M$

LeonSKennedy4Life3015d ago

Prologue released at 40 bucks. : )

Also, that "demo" has given me more hours of joy than most "full games" this generation.

You haven't played it, have you?

baum3015d ago

"MS has not tried to sell me a Demo of a game at full Price. "

LOL how can Xtards say this in the face of ODST?

tehReaper3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

baum, just because you PS3 fanboys say that ODST is DLC, doesn't make it so. I guess the decent review scores were paid for by Microsoft.


Prologue was okay, and really shouldn't be labeled a demo, but it didn't have as much content Halo ODST had with it.

Shane Kim3015d ago

Hahahaha, not as much content? It had just as much content if not more for a cheaper price.

HolyOrangeCows3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

LOL @ butthurt mods deleting my "Crappy Birthday" comment.
You aren't allowed to have negative thoughts about systems in the open zone anymore, otherwise it's "ZOMG! TROLLIN!!"

"In fact, a similar situation arose for Microsoft during the 2007/2008 holiday season"
FINALLY, some journalists are recognizing this, instead of pretending it never happened, like so many fanboys.

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Raoh3015d ago


Got to admit, the XBOX brand has come a long way

jessupj3014d ago

Yes, well done. But even though ms have made gaming life difficult for ps3 fans and even at times taken away experiences from our side instead of adding to there own, I'm still very glad there's been competition to keep sony on there toes.

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