IGN: Tony Hawk: Ride Review

The Tony Hawk franchise was in dire need of a reboot, and hopping on the peripheral craze generated by Guitar Hero and Wii Fit wasn't a bad idea. The board itself is solid, which leaves only the execution to blame. Tony Hawk Ride never came together. It straddles an uncomfortable line between casual and hardcore without being satisfying in either respect and it lacks the polish and presentation necessary to cover up the gameplay shortcomings.

Presentation - 2.0
Graphics - 5.5
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 5.0
Lasting Appeal - 3.0

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Storm233077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Poor Tony Hawk games.

Bilbo653077d ago

Oh man lol, this is what they get for whoring out the franchise now flop with trying to reinvent it

KiRBY30003077d ago

what kind of fool would buy that when he can get 2 or 3 awesome games for the same price? its not like we dont have a choice these days.

glad this game is floping, suck it Activision!

LukaX233077d ago

Bye, bye Tony Hawk games. Nice knowin' ya.

mugoldeneagle033077d ago

I first got hooked on the Tony Hawk games when I first bought my Dreamcast. THPS1 & 2 were played religiously. Sadly, I haven't really gotten into the series since THPS3, and the last one I bought was Project 8, which I thought was mediocre.

I'm hoping one of these years they'll release an old school, arcade-type THPS game like 1&2 were. Just make it simple and fun. I don't know, it just seems like they've pushed for innovation so much they've forgotten about the core gameplay, and that's what made it fun.

Lifendz3076d ago

Man, and Activision was just talking that good ish a few weeks back about cutting PS3 support. Tell ya what Activision, seeing how you bad you want to turn my living room into a Dave n Busters, and Modern Warfare 2 is so-so to me so far, I kinda would like to call your bluff.

"This thing is just chock full of technology" Tony Hawk describing the skateboard peripheral.

ico923076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

wow im really dissapointed

RockmanII73076d ago

Pro Skater 4 and Underground were good too. If you haven't played them, you should try to get them for $2 or something.

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Qjimbo3077d ago

I think the cow ran out of milk.

rbluetank3077d ago

i can not believe this game is this bad!!! great ideal that went to shiat!!!

xGet_In_There3077d ago

is taking over the with Skate series. I used to be a HUGE TH fan but after playing Skate I was hooked. I would of gave this game a 3 lol

MajestieBeast3077d ago

Hope activision lost lots of money on this.

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The story is too old to be commented.