World's Most Energy Efficient Supercomputer Related to PS3

The QPACE supercomputer at the Research Center Jülich and the University of Wuppertal tops the latest version of the Green500 list, which ranks the energy efficiency of supercomputers around the world. The QPACEs Intel PowerXCell processors are an enhancement of the Cell/B.E. processor, originally developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM for the Sony PlayStation 3.

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kaveti66163075d ago

Praise the PS3 for this./sarcasm.

Alright, so the PS3 is a great console. Isn't that enough? Do you have to apply further praise to it because of other computers that have similar architecture. Doesn't STI deserve praise for that?

cranium3075d ago

They're using Ps3s to study black holes. I just thought I'd let you know that.

sikbeta3075d ago

The PRAISE goes TO:

·Ken Kutaragi aka the Father of Playstation

Kakkoii3075d ago

@cranium: Processor types of all kinds are being used to study all kinds of things. It's not just PS3's that are studying black holes lol. That would be epic fail if it was only PS3's.

Lumbo3075d ago

Why does the author write "The QPACEs Intel PowerXCell processors"?

Intel ?

I mean seriousely, how could he put the core competitor to IBM there by error. Thats like a report about Adam Smith's "The wealth of Nations" telling people its a book about communism ...

And honestly, Playstation3 as channel is rather farfetched