Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 Beta Impressions

G4TV Writes:

Let me preface this entire preview with the following: I couldn't stand Battlefield: Bad Company. This is not the case with the sequel. After a few hours in the beta, I'm putting this on my watch list for 2010. The feel of the game has been improved immensely and the netcode seems solid.

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villevalorox3105d ago

i did not like it sorry to say, i hope by launch i change my mind.

Simon_Brezhnev3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

most people dat dont like BFBC2 is COD loyalist but i like it

villevalorox3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I don't hate it because it's not like COD, I hate how COD is now. It's noobs running around a map and shotting at anything that moves.. I'm so sick of the way cod plays. If we had CODmw graphics and controls i think i would be so happy with this game. Well not even the controls.. Battlefield just needs to tweak the hell out of theirs, COD is too fast. I know i use cod as a here like this thing, lol.. But I just want this battlefield to be like Battlefield MC2.. Loved that one, still play it to this day every now and then..

taco_tom2373105d ago

im liking the beta...its fun

Digitaldude3105d ago

I dont like it either, will play a bit more but it involves too much running and less action, big maps are fine, maybe they need more on each map. Gun play is a little sluggish as well and graphics are terrible.
However its a big improvement over the first, will play some more.

cyberwaffles3105d ago

i agree, the game is fun and all but this feels like a significantly inferior battlefield game to me. not as many classes, DICE opted for COD controls and set up (i can't believe DICE sold out for a perk system!), the aliasing bugs the hell out of me (now i kind of like the grain filter in BC), the ranking system isn't my favorite and its more linear, i don't like the spawn interface (too clunky), they got rid of the air strikes, the map in the beta is particularly too small for me; i honestly and sadly don't enjoy this as much as BC1.

don't get me wrong, i still like the game a lot and i'm sure as hell BC2 will retain that battle field feeling, but right now it needs some work. i think DICE are worrying too much about being user friendly or having the game being too hard for some people.

anyhow, good game.

Lifendz3105d ago

didn't really grab me. I'm going to pick it up and try it again. Before I get spammed as a COD loyalist let me say I don't think I like Modern Warfare 2. Some games are cool but for the most part it's a camp fest and the killstreaks are just ridiculous. Some are so bad you can't even go outside.

Really thinking about selling it to get Assassin's Creed 2.

xLordOblivionx3105d ago

Is a bigger font size! Come on, seriously though, I can't read anything on the menus. It's complete BS. No, I don't have an HD tv, yes my SD tv is only 13", but it seriously restricts my ability to play and enjoy this game to the fullest. They need an option for larger font, 5x larger. I shouldn't be forced to use an HD display to just to read. Same thing happened with Dead Space. Awesome game, but could not read one single thing. Even the ammo amount was unreadable due to how small it was.

Saaking3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

it's [email protected] awesome! My one complaint: maps are a bit too big. I find myself running trying to find people to kill way too much.

evrfighter3105d ago

really diggin it. It's gonna look amazing on the pc. If this gets 64 man servers. This is going to keep me and the army of pc gamers that were rick rolled by IW busy until BF3 comes out.

There are still massive jaggies everywhere on the ps3. It's going to be beautiful on my pc @ 1080p with max AA.

I'll buy a 5870 if I have to just for the eye candy of collapsing buildings and a rainstorm of missiles and bombs. This game deserves nothing less.

Noctis Aftermath3105d ago

A couple of things i think they need to add to the beta map are:

1) on the bridge add in some destroyed cars as cover, it is just to open for people spawning on the bridge.
2) add in some more Quads and hummer at each new spawn point, after destroying the first 2 laptops the new spawn point is terrible, no vehicles at all.
3)more vehicles for the defending team, just 2 tanks at the start is pathetic.

Nikuma3105d ago

I honestly can't see how people don't like this game... it's amazing. Loving it so far... it's like crack. One of those games where I just play and play and not even notice that it's 3:00am and I gotta work in 3 hours. :P

CaptainKratos3105d ago

i actually thought this games kicks ass!!! those of you who are running to find the action....join a squad! hopefully it wont be a squad full of Also, i wish you could move the speed when you zoom in with Assault rifles.Another thing is every time i want to plant in the train crates i always get stuck trying to get in!i hate that.

Elwenil3105d ago

BC2 needs work. Which is good since it's just a beta, but there are a few big issues that need attention. I like how in the last part of the article the guy says "I just wish..." twice. That's sort of the feeling that the BC2 Beta left me with. The controls need a bit of work as once you get the sensitivity set for using a weapon scoped, you are too sluggish to turn and fight anyone when not scoped. Movement in general seems very rough and feels very uncertain. Also it seems you can swim faster than you can run, which I find a bit odd. EA seems to have dropped the ball with organization. The whole launch on the PS3 was half-assed and people are still trying to find the Beta section of the forum on the US Playstation forums. I think Dice needs to go back and play Battlefield 2 again and bring that feel to the consoles. This crap of developers trying to dumb down the gameplay for little kids and idiots who think CoD is the pinnacle of gaming needs to stop.

finbars753104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I like it but at the same time I dont like it.I loved BFBC1 alot but just playing the beta got on my nerves.All people do in the game is camp out or use tanks.Thats it.Really boring and it shows how lazy gammers have gotten.You only see like two people going for the computers and the the rest of the team are in tanks or a mile away just sniping.I mean christ i shot a tank with my missle launcher 4 times and still didnt blow up.I even put 2 c4s on it and it still didnt blow up.It just shows where this game is going.It should be called battlefield badtanks2.Im sorry If im complaining about this but this is suppose to be a team base game not everyone for themselves.You get no help from teammates at all leaving you pretty much trying to do the objective by yourself.I really do like the game but they need to simmer down on the 3 tanks you start off with and the two trucks and four wheeler and make people earn there points on there own without all the veichles.Im looking to play with some people who know how to play these games so hit me up with yor psn so the game can be accomplished the proper way.

mugoldeneagle033104d ago

I've never played a Battlefield game, except 1943, which I imagined was nothing like BFBC. However I got into the beta and I think it's real solid. The gameplay is fluid and it looks real good for being a beta. Just wish there were more maps to play

Noctis Aftermath3104d ago

@1.14: try shooting the tank in the rear end, 2 RPG shots does it for me.

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Hockey113105d ago

I too wish it ran at 60 FPS. I noticed some slow downs. They have to fix a few things like actually being able to run over other players with a jeep. They also need to change the spotting system. I cans just scan the horizon while pressing select repeatedly and every enemy near my sights gets a red triangle over their head. This makes far away kills much easier than they should be. I say you should only be able to spot vehicles using select and to spot enemy soldiers they have to be shot at least once.

-GametimeUK-3105d ago

I like it... The pacing and controls give it a feel that is slower and more tactical than CoD...

NecrumSlavery3105d ago

@ GameTimeUK

I like the pacing. It's tatical and the weapons and armor have a good feel of weight to them. Feels real.

Needs some improvement.
Fully custom controls for one. Everyone has played COD and there should always be something similar, to cross and transition gamers over.
Think this games beta is great, hope the final product turns out better. MW2 and MAG is some stiff competition

thedisagreefairy3105d ago

killzone 2 was more tactical and slow also but everyone liked to trash it.

hypocrites these days.

Simon_Brezhnev3105d ago

@ thedisagreefairy i agree

killzone 2 was way more tactical and the COD loyalist hate it because of the controls and no auto-aim. i guess they think since they own in COD that killzone would be easy to them.

Saaking3105d ago

@disagree fairy

I actually kinda feel like BC2 is a mix of COD and KZ2 (of course without KZ2's graphics and advanced tech). It turns out pretty good imo.

Willio3105d ago

What is the max number of players in a match?

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whothedog3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Well its a good game I think so far, but I wish for being able to hold the medpack in your hand and being able to heal people (like BF: 2142) I don't like how you have to drop it. I like playing medic classes. And I don't like that you can't lay down, but I don't think that would change.

Hockey113105d ago

You can't lay down because they found that the snipers got way overpowered if they could.

ZombieAutopsy3105d ago

IMO They should of just made it to where the snipers couldn't lay down or at least allow your assault class users to get down lower than they can already, but i guess im just spoiled from playing BF2MC and being able to drop down while shooting.

Hockey113105d ago

If they did that then people would cry about how snipers can't but everyone else can. That would probably make people more mad than just cutting the feature out entirely.

Noctis Aftermath3105d ago

or how about make it so you can lay down but you can't fire whilst laying down, and if you want to fire you need to either crouch or stand.

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anti-gamer3105d ago

PS3 fan playing BF:BC2

Xox360 fan playing aa.....umm....??? waiting for anther halo

STONEY43105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I really like it, but jaggies galore. This game really needs some AA, the jaggies hurt my eyes. Other than that, the game is awesome.

mistajeff3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

The graphics are apparently in alpha (even though it's called a "beta") so expect some pretty substantial improvements by the time it launches.

...i think

CaptainKratos3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

i hope for graphic improvements cuz damn, those textures ew ew ew ew ewwww. its still looks good could look more months to go baby! as for it being a beta im impressed with it,really addicting.

STONEY43104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Well they have till March to optimize it a bit and add AA, so they still have alot of time. And the textures do kinda suck, but look at the character model textures, they're really good.