Sony Announces Current PSN User Base Figures

PSLS Writes: The PlayStation 3 is not the only one to have recently turned three, the PlayStation Network also shares the same birthday, marking it's third year of service PlayStation users. Starting on the PS3 the network expanded onto the PSP, and, in some respects, onto the PC. With numerous firmware updates, and revamps of the PlayStation Store, the network has greatly improved over the course of it's life, with even more updates coming later today. The free service was previously known to have over 24 million users, now, to mark the service's coming of age, SCEA has announced how many users the service currently has.

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kaveti66163016d ago

Not bad at all. PSN showing consistent growth. I'm currently debating getting Resident Evil 2 on PSN but one of my gripes is getting used to playing without the analog sticks. At least that's what I heard from someone else on this site.

Saaking3016d ago

Great for PSN. It's a great service. I don't see why everyone doesn't take advantage of it given that it's free.

doctorstrange3016d ago

It's like that advert for the PSN, I dont get why some people with a PS3 (and an internet connection) don't use the network, baffling

table3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

the resident evil ps1 series is masterful with the d-pad and square button to run. It's a classic timeless game that doesn't need to be played with the anologue stick. Whoever told you that anologue is needed has never owned a ps1.

Aquarius3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

How many users are there for Xbox Live?

20 mill? LOL!!!

Question: How can Live be 4 years older and have less?


Viddler seems to stop working on my PS3. Is it because of the update? Someone help.

doctorstrange3016d ago

Don't know about now, but in May they had 20 million

Blaze9293016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Who....cares? This is CLEARLY a Playstation topic....let's keep it at that.


Ooo wee, a disagree. Ok then, let's turn this into a great fanboy war about who has more members. Yay!

iamtehpwn3016d ago

I have for example 3 accounts (USA, PAL, JPN), and my brother has one. Either way, 31 million is VERY high, I'd say at least 25 million of these are unique accounts. Congrats Sony. Just goes to show Free gets everyone online fast and easy.

Somnipotent3016d ago

having downloaded resident evil 2, i can confirm it's the dualshock version. you can use the analog sticks... but since i'm old school resident evil, i prefer the dpad.

Madusha3016d ago

"one of my gripes is getting used to playing without the analog sticks"

I believe it's the daulshock version of Resident Evil 2.

31 million is a huge amount of users!

darthv723016d ago

just wondering as i have 2 accounts so does my friend. I know people who 3 (1 for each US/EU/JP).

Redlogic3016d ago

the article says the 31 million users does not included if people make more than one account.

ico923016d ago

lol remember that one

forcefullpower3016d ago

Seriously give it a rest about multiple accounts. 95% of people do NOT have multiple accounts. Its a small majority that do this.

Tomdc3016d ago

I have 4 playstation network accounts tho... its impossible to say how many are real and how many are used to acess different countries stores or to play a game online that has a 18 rating...

Lightsaber3016d ago

The number is misleadin as lots of people have more then one acount. The PSN isnt just for the ps3 it also includes psp and pc accounts that dont require you to own anything to sign up for. There are so xbox fanboys that sign up for accounts just so they can say they have a ps3 when they talk trassh about it.

Wish they tell you how many people have a ps3 account

Saaking3016d ago

I've got 3 accounts myself, but I think the only people who have more than one account is those who actually know there's a difference in each region (mostly demos and stuff). Most people are unaware you can get stuff from the EU and Japan store that you can't get in the NA store.

randomwiz3016d ago

i think they register the accounts per system, so multiple accounts count as one on each system.

The excess members could be from the psp.

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Teddybee3016d ago

A lot of PSN accounts, not bad Sony, not bad at all

Kushan3016d ago

Just keep in mind that, just like Xbox Live, you can have multiple accounts on the one console. Mine has 3 and I know I'm not alone.
I'm not trying to say anything bad about Sony here, it's still a hell of an achievement and Sony should be proud, I'm just pointing out that 31million accounts doesn't necessarily mean 31million users. How many of those accounts have even been logged into in the last 12 months?

Oner3016d ago

PC gamers have to sign up to Xbox LIVE! to play "Games For Windows Live" Online as well...

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Trexman893016d ago

not to mention way more people have headsets so i can actually talk to people

doctorstrange3016d ago

It is definitely a lot better now

Darkfocus3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I think a lot of people always had headsets and just didn't speak cuase I played lots of games were no one said anything into the mic until I spoke and usually the only reason I'm speaking if I don't know others have mics is because I screwed up horribly.

The Great Melon3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )


I would be one of those. I only speak when I am really serious about the game or with a friend. This is the case for both the PS3 and 360. Most of the time I am on just to have some fun.

Redlogic3016d ago

Had Sony just included a mic with each console purchase would really solved a lot of problems. Some people don't have mics, some have them but don't like it cause its a blutooth headset that has too much inference. Sony should create 31 million of the headsets you get with the Xbox360, and send one to the address where these accounts are made. I can't imagine it being too expensive to make that many headsets. Now everyone has a functional, reliable and clear headset.
That would really launch the service into the upper echelon of the gaming networks

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3016d ago

If someone wants a headset theyll buy one and if they use it much theyll buy a decent one.

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playstation1233016d ago

I will definately pay for psn, if it gets more features and other stuff.

Teddybee3016d ago

Unless the features were truly phenomenal I'd never pay

dopeboimagic923016d ago

Well, I'm 2 of them. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of these are unique users as only the non-casual are apt to make multiple accounts.

doctorstrange3016d ago

Even if you discounted a whopping 5 million as dupes there would still be a 26 million PSN users, which is incredible

jadenkorri3016d ago

with trophy support now in every game, who's gonna create multiple accounts.

doctorstrange3016d ago

To get US demos and betas even though i'm in the UK

-GametimeUK-3016d ago

I have my account
An account on my cousins console
American Account
Jap Account

table3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

you forgot to mention that account up your ass. give the trolling a rest already.

Aquarius3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

You don't even have a PS3. How can you have a PS3 but hate the majority of its games, puzzling.

EDIT: Since your quick to reply what are the names of those other IDS troll and I can assure you I had my PSN ID from Dec. 07.

-GametimeUK-3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

My PSN is GametimeUK
I got a US account for demos (like most people in europe)
My Jap account was for Siren demo but I used it for Yakuza3 too
My account on my cousins ps3 was random act of wanting to play online at his house

troll me harder guys... but its the truth :)

judging by your bios both you guys dont have PSN ID's or PS3's... I have more proof than you XD

The Great Melon3016d ago

Shoot I have like five different ids
two US, 1 EU, 1 Japanese, 1 Hong Kong, and probably others that I don't use much.



And how many accounts do you have on your 360?

You know MS counts all accounts in Live too, don't you? Yes, including silver ones, those that never bought anything, those not active for 12 months or more... If it's there, it's counted!

ico923016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

seriously stop trolling

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