Giant Bomb: Tony Hawk: RIDE Review

There's a good idea at the center of Tony Hawk: RIDE. Attempting to make some sort of peripheral-based skateboarding game is a neat idea, and one that, if the peripheral were robust enough, could result in some sort of faux-skating experience that approximates the real thing in a way that's accessible to non-skaters without being completely offensive to anyone who's ever pulled an ollie. But everything about Tony Hawk: RIDE, from the game's structure to the skateboard hardware itself, is an absolute mess that feels incapable of pleasing anyone, regardless of his or her skill level.

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Highatus3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Perfect example of a milked franchise.(Sorry, but i just had too :P)

None of the THPS has improved on each iteration and throwing in a skateboard peripheral is a joke in itself.

Let alone finding the room to play it with the rest of Activisions (let's release a new peripheral every 3 months) crap.