Rare Project Natal Game Cancelled: "Undisclosed Prototype" in Works for 1 Year

Split-Screen: "Remember that Project Natal game where Rare 'managed a large team of engineers working on a tight schedule to go from pre-production to finished product in a year'? Turns out they're not really going to get around to finishing this year – or ever."

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LordMarius3104d ago

and so the failures start

wxer3104d ago

they knew it going to flop
and they as like
why bother with a flop
so they canceled it

cyborg69713103d ago

"Ever wonder what the bottom of the fail pit looks like well BAM rare found it".

Bereaver3104d ago

Natal's reaction time/response time is horrible. A lot of people are going to be disappointed. Can you imagine sony's wand working at the same speed you are. I don't know how everyone would think about it, but imagine those who love star wars. You can now have an actual light saber battle and normal speed, and I'm not talking about that rinkadink wii stuff either.

Sony has the right idea for the hardcore and casual.

Buttons, accuracy, and response time.

3104d ago
PopEmUp3104d ago

it's better than learning how to be a pedophile using Natal :P

tehReaper3104d ago

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that making games more interactive is wrong. It's funny that people like you take a game about a virtual kid(a family game), and turn it into something like that.

Whereas with the Sony wand, it actually looks like a dildo. No defending that.

TheBlackSmoke3104d ago

So dem0n there's PS3 motion control for the new RE5, wheres the natal version for 360?....thats right it wouldnt work, sorry but its casual games for you. Lol natal is teh innovations.

ThatCanadianGuy3104d ago

Whoa whoa whoa..

Let me get this straight, you applaud natal for being "Interactive"
Yet, Sony's motion controller (which lets you actually reach into a game and interact with it) is belittled to a dildo?


tehReaper3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I played RE4 with motion controls on the Wii, didn't like it. Controllers work so much better.

Why take a hardcore game, and make it casual? It's been done, motion controls seem tacked on. When you have games built around motion controls, then you have more potential for it being fun.

I'm excited for both Natal and the PS3 motion controllers. I just wish Sony would have went in a new direction like MS is doing.

EDIT: Natal is doing something different, PS3 controllers are just expanding on what the Wii has. If Sony caters to the hardcore and does it right, then I'll accept it. Same goes for Microsoft. I'm defending Natal because it's the thing being bashed by everyone commenting here. If you guys can bash Natal, I should be able to bring up the fact that the Sony wands look like dildos.

Name one other person here besides me that has said one good thing about Natal in this article. You can't because everyone in the open zone is bashing it. Someone has to even the playing field, and it seems I'm the only one trying.

rekonizakilla3104d ago

Tell me, what is natal doing that eye toy didn't?
oh yeah that's right, you couldn't groom kids on eye toy.
sorry my bad.

There was nothing new about eye toy when it was released, but sony and nintendo both realise you need to hold something to feal in controll.

"a man thinks with his hands" Isaac Asimov - foundations edge

DaChinPin3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

You...Just don't have any intelligence in that head of yours do you? I agree that Natal and the Sony wand thing aren't that great. However, I'd say Natal does something new that Sony didn't try, that's ridiculous. The EyeToy did very similar things last gen. This gen we have the PSEye which does more and is better in every way. I'm sorry but I'm more excited for the wand just because of the way it'll use the PSeye's capabilities which are numerous. now Natal might be good too, we haven't seen a working game yet, so all we can do is wait. Still, don't act like Natal is the first accessory to accomplish such a feat when Sony has been a pioneer in this technology years ago.
I still hope Natal does great, why? Because we as gamers get a lot more bang for our buck if the competition is doing great. I hope Natal and Sony Wand do great and make Nintendo also develop something along the lines of a camera-involved apparel.

That is all >:D

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ubiquitious3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

If you want to handle TIME magazines innovation of the year than you need to have a handle of the Xbox 360.

If Rare can't make a game as simple as Viva Pinata good, then they are aiming far too high with Natal. Let the growing list of other more experienced developers introduce the world to Project Natal in 2010. Find it at your local retailer for the cheap, cheap price of $60 or less.

kaveti66163104d ago

I remember Gabe Newell once saying in an interview how it's very normal for a studio to work on a game for as long as 2 years, and get concepts and animations done, entire levels completed, stories written and dialogue recorded, only to cancel development on the game.

In my opinion it's normal. You work on a game, you morph it to your interests, you refine some aspects in a continual attempt to make it into something that's going to work well and appeal to people and be a great game. And sometimes it doesn't work, and it's heartbreaking, but I commend some developers for understanding that if a game just isn't turning out well, they're gonna pull the cord and go back to the drawing board.

Valve is known for doing this, and yes, it usually takes them a long time to get games finished (with the exception of L4D2), and maybe the reason for that is they are trying to perfect their games. And I think that's awesome.

There are some developers that don't do this because maybe they don't have a large enough budget, are small time developers who need to get the job done without any dilly dallying, or are just plain lazy.

There are many games that HAVE been released that suck eggs. Games that are so bad in design and execution that the player can tell that the developer just couldn't pull the cord on it, that they HAD to release it in order to sell some copies because they just didn't have the capital to drop it and make a better game.

Examples include Legendary, Fuel, Too Human, Darkest of Days, Haze, Lair, and Damnation.

These are all games that are based around an interesting premise such as large-scale open-world racing or the apocalypse of the Earth at the hands of Pandora or any number of ideas which get the ball rolling on game development but don't push it to the next level of greatness.

Some of you may have enjoyed the games I listed, but I think a lot of you would prefer it if such games were not released and rather, if they were developed further, refined further, or even dropped from development. A good idea is not enough.

RARE probably dropped this game because it didn't meet their expectations or potential.

Saaking3104d ago

I wish Rare had stayed with Nintendo or gone independent. I think we can all agree that MS ruined them.

Microsoft Xbox 3603104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Nintendo knew that they lost touch.

Darkeyes3104d ago

Wasn't Rare working on a FPS for Natal? If that is cancelled, then did it take 1 year for them to realize that FPSes CAN'T work with Natal!!! Rare has been in a downward slump since it left Nintendo.

D4RkNIKON3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I was seriously about to say the same thing. They were supposed to be working on a FPS for natal and it seems to be a fail.

lol read the update near the bottom

-Alpha3104d ago

Hey, Viva Pinata looked decent and got great scores.

Sure it was aimed at a younger audience, but it appealed to older gamers too... of course it was on the 360 which means the typical gamer was too busy trying to prove his manliness by playing Halo/Gears

Nikuma3104d ago

Dang... how many RARE games are they gonna cancel? -_-

Tony P3104d ago

More than likely it wasn't an FPS since Rare doesn't want to make those. I'm far more willing to believe it was some avatar nonsense as Rare and MGS seem oddly fascinated with that kind of crap these days.

No FanS Land3104d ago

Maybe but Viva Pinata is not Conker or goldeneye, perfect dark 64 etc.

IdleLeeSiuLung3104d ago

Re-use the asset for the future.

However, I'm still sad after Blizzard cancelled StarCraft:Ghost!

No FanS Land3104d ago

Apparently star craft ghost wouldn't be cancelled,but put in some kind of REALLLLLY long and indefinite "hold", which might follow duke nukem's route...

Alcon Caper3104d ago

Great comment. Bubbles for the perspective.

We should also remember Blizzard is another company that starts things but stops production when it's not up to snuff (ie Warcraft Adventures and Starcraft: Ghost), both projects that received plenty of attention, but never bloomed.

That's just the way the gaming industry works.

barom3104d ago

Man I wonder if Rare is the problem or if the relationship (between Microsoft and Rare) is the problem. Rare really does not seem to get much right these days. I guess they do some good titles but none sold well.

wxer3104d ago

Rare has gone down hill since MS owned them
now all they make is sh!tty shuffleware games

Consoldtobots3104d ago

cancellation of a project for tech that isn't even out yet? I hate to break it to the fanboys here but to me it sounds like MS is getting ready to throw in the towel. Being consistently outsold in their home territory after a 3year war of attrition in the media is enough for management in redmond to call it quits.

Shadow Flare3104d ago

The whole point of natal was to produce an experience where you are the controller. And through your actions alone you interact with the game. And I think with news like this, they're beginning to realise that, uh, you need a controller sometimes. Rare was trying to make a natal FPS. I wonder if thats the game that got canned? Because a natal FPS is never going to work lol. What are you supposed to do, make a gun shape with your hand and run? That will never be accurate enough. How are supposed to move about? I would not be suprised if thats the game that got canned and if it wasn't then it soon will be

djevolve4203104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

When PS3 gets pounded on by natal then I can come on here and message back to all your ps3 fanboys that just want to hate.

FIRST. Games get canceled
SECOND. you never played natal
THIRD. natal is going to be so big that your grandma is going to want it for christmas, My mom wants it already.
FORTH. Rare is just a small part of whats being made for natal, I'm sure rare has a few other projects geared towards natal as well.

Natal has been praised on morning shows, time magazine, Late night talk shows and any one who hears about it is stunned.


I think it's you that needs a way to shoOt down Natal just like you did when you first got a look at it and it was not on your ps3.
jealousy can be bad for a gamer, Natal far surpasses sony ripe off of the wii.

people don't want another wii, they want Natal and outside this little n4g sony club. people don't care or even think what you bias fanboys are cooking up against natal.

It will sell millions and you will come on here and be like, it sucked, I played it at bobs house. KNOWING YOU DIDN'T.

how many xbox fans conStantly bash the wand, why not you say.
because no one give a crap about SONY'S wand.


Sheikh Yerbouti3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Now from this, I think Natal may be delayed, but it is still coming. Too much has gone into this; it will be MS's Home. They will have to rush to get a line-up for Christmas 2010. You may come back a year from now and Natal still hasn't been released.

Sony appears to be months ahead of MS with a Spring release. With the momentum favoring the PS3, casuals looking for a Wii-like experience will buy the "wand" before Natal is released. It is not a guaranteed success. Both the Eye and Wii show the downfalls of using motion controls. Microsoft is not immune to this, ignorant maybe, but not immune.

It is true games get cancelled all the time, and some posters are reading much more into this than they should. For business reasons may mean resources are being placed into something more promising. (Rare is working on more than one Natal related project). Still, young dude, don't drink the Natal Kool-Aid. Natal is still mostly Molyneux-esque hype -- something Time, talk shows, etc., thrives on.

We just have to wait, unfortunately it will be a while. But if the wand flops, you can come back then a rag on it with the rest of the Xbots. Happy?

Shadow Flare3104d ago

Yeah, I spoke to a 360 fanboy like yourself a few months ago, and was argueing with me over 360 sales. He was absolutely CONVINCED 360 would still sell more then ps3 after its price cuts and would sell more then ps3 over the holidays. I said that the ps3 would sell more then 360 worldwide over the holidays. We can see how his prediction is turning out. Not only is ps3 slapping the 360 worldwide but its slapping the 360 in the US aswell

Don't kid yourself. Natal isn't going to be as successful as the wii. People aren't clamouring for natal like you said. I don't even know where you got that from. Your 360 friends probably. Without a controller, natal isn't going to be accurate enough for mass acceptability. We've seen its not accurate enough from existing footage of it. Plus, microsoft doesn't know how to make games for the casuals. That is something nintendo excel at and microsoft frankly suck at

Im not saying the ps3 motion controller is going to be a raving success. It probably won't. But don't kid yourself into thinking natal will be 360's saviour. It won't. You act like your gonna play it constantly too, you probably won't even buy it

potenquatro3103d ago

That's a very logical and sensible way of looking at things....Blame everyone but the ones actually responsable for developing. Or better yet, lets just hate on MS all the time even without reason, that saves time right?

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xunderx3104d ago

that sux!,,,back to God of War.......

Gandalf3104d ago

Good, now get started on some Perfect Dark.