The 7 Most Beautifully Animated 2D Games

There's something very special about the process of old-fashioned, frame-by-frame, 2D animation. In the old days, the only way to get your animated character to wave his or her arm was to spend hours upon hours painstakingly crafting each frame and constantly readjusting your work to make sure everything flowed correctly. Now you just set a couple of keyframes and let a computer do it all for you.

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BlackIceJoe3072d ago

I love 2D games and would welcome more developers to make them. The one good thing about 2D games they look good even years later. I have games from the 90s and they still look great. So I hope there will be more 2D on consoles.

HardcoreGamer3071d ago

i beleive if they pull these kind of games plus new ips with 2d aewsomness on the psp then it will sky rocket more business.

odin sphere by far the best of the 2d animaion gaming. and its soooo addictive not only that its amazing well thought out story and characters set.

the new muramasa wii game looks better though overall though

i jlove the plant growing system in odins sphere

Timesplitter143071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Yeah. I'd love to see many new full-featured 2D games for the PSN/XBL. They have that little something that 3D games will never have.

Picnic3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Although there was deserved mentions of Disney Megadrive games in general and Cool Spot (and, thankfully, some less good looking SNES games were left out for a change) I'd have liked to have seen Donkey Kong Country mentioned (although with 3D sprites is that 2D enough in art style to be counted?)

The Curse of Monkey Island too (more user friendly than Grim Fandango).

Of course there are some really great 3D games. But 2D gaming was unceromoniously abandoned by people. The blocky Mario 64 is a whole different kind of game than the finely honed action and visuals of Super Mario World. To wholeheartedly surrender to 3D gaming and forget about all the great 2D games is to lose some of your gaming soul.

Redempteur3071d ago

Ok ..
alladin ( ok great game beautifull )
earthworm jim ..( again ok ..splendid animation ..and great graphics )

Dunno about #5
Wario LAND : shake-it a great game graphics wise ...but i dunno on the animation ...

Muramasa / Odin Sphere / GrimGrimoire on the same page ?
They are great ... but to put them on the same page is not making them justice ... you should have made a top 10 if you didn't have enough space ...

Blazblue should have his own spot .. ( such level of detail in HD at 60 fps .) it's not easy feat for a fighting game ...

And the first on the list is a disgrace ..

Overall good list ..but everything is NOT in the right spot ...

Timesplitter143071d ago

Secret of Mana was very beautiful

kratos1233071d ago

my god the act looks gorgeus i want it

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The story is too old to be commented.