Uncharted 2 Leads YourEMGN Game of The Year Awards

Uncharted 2 is clearly leading the YourEMGN GOTY Awards 2009. Currently 478 votes have been cast for the overall GOTY with Uncharted 2 receiving 74.7% of the votes. Which is around 357 votes out of the 478 cast. Currently in second place is Killzone 2 with 12.3% of the votes and Modern Warfare 2 with 7.1%. It's still anyone's game, voting has only been open for around 20 hours and Uncharted is clearly leading but voting ends in another 14 days (5th December).

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Madusha3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Voting has only been open for less than 24 hours and I think we may have a clear winner - uncharted 2. I was expecting Modern Warfare 2 to give Uncharted some challenge but clearly not.

Battlefield3108d ago

Wow, I was expecting Modern Warfare 2 to win, still anyone's game.

Forza Motorsport 3 as current leader for best 360 game? wow

Madusha3108d ago

Not MW2, I was expecting Killzone 2 to put up a fight, or at least take the win in the best graphics category. But yeah still anyone's game with 2 weeks left to vote.

Saaking3108d ago

I voted of UC2. UC2 FTW!!

mal_tez923108d ago

I love Killzone a lot more than Call of Duty but I didn't expect is to be beating it due to CoD's larger fanbase.

rdgneoz33108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Maybe CoD's larger fanbase realized that MW2 was all hype and not much else, allowing for Killzone 2 to pull ahead of it in those polls. Love playing KZ2, but my vote goes to UC2 for GoTY. Its a tough decision between KZ2 and UC2 for graphics though.

Valay3108d ago

Not surprised that Uncharted 2 is leading.

callahan093107d ago

Why not 5 nominees for best PS3 game? They easily could have fit Demon's Souls in the nominees there. Also, Braid for 360 came out in 2008, not 2009, so it shouldn't have been nominated.

Madusha3107d ago

"Braid for 360 came out in 2008, not 2009"

Yeah sorry about that, it was removed from the nominations page on YourEMGN but not removed from the voting poll on the wiki.

Braid was meant to be added under PS3, it's a great but simple game.

Rock Bottom3107d ago

lolololololololololololo...... .......

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BurnoutParadise3108d ago

Burnout for the best PC game! Vote for it!!

Digitaldude3108d ago

I voted Uncharted 2, its lead is astonishing.

DMason3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Uncharted 2 is a dynamite game, but seriously what is this site?

Ares84PS33108d ago

Seriously......this is the first time I ever heard about them.

But Uncharted 2 deserves all the recognition it gets!!

meepmoopmeep3108d ago

lol, yeah never heard of them

tehk1w13108d ago

Yeah who the heck are these guys?

lolcatz3108d ago

So....why should I care what YourEMGN thinks?

Are they somehow related to EGM?

Madusha3108d ago

YourEMGN - Your Electronics, Movies and Gaming Network. A fast growing website dedicated to providing you with the latest news.

Now you've heard of it ^^. That's not the point, Uncharted 2 is leading a community run game of the year awards.

@lolcatz: It's not what YourEMGN thinks, it's what the community thinks. The winner is chosen by public votes and not YourEMGN

@meep: You've approved and commented on many YourEMGN articles, I thought a N4G regular like you would have visited before.

Ares84PS33108d ago

we are busted.....

Madusha works for YourEMGN :D

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Tripl3seis3108d ago

If uncharted 2 dosent win game of the year and MW2 wins it idk wat to say because uncharted 2 is so awesome that I haven't seen anything like it.

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