PS Blog: It Only Does Blu-ray Movies

Peter Dille writes: "Readers of this blog are of course, already aware that the PS3 comes built in with one of the industry's best Blu-ray players. But we wanted a spot that would hammer home the Blu-ray movie advantage and speak to this broader audience that may not be as familiar with the PS3's feature set. So we asked Kevin Butler to bestow some wisdom in this exchange with an unhappy teenager who is complaining his grandmother is hogging the PS3 to watch Blu-ray movies. You can catch this commercial on air starting next week. For you, our loyal fans, here's the exclusive sneak peek:"

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WildArmed2921d ago

with a stick...with a STICK... a STICK... A STICK

darthv722921d ago

sony got the right people in their marketing dept this time.

From the look of it...the marketing is working.

Marceles2921d ago

Yeah, it's back to normal now how it was in the PS2 days. I honestly can't help but see one a few times a day now. They play them alot on ESPN.

Cwalat2921d ago

They should release these excellent ads in EU aswell, the ones we got over here makes me ZZZ.

Lifendz2921d ago

You finally know how to advertise your amazing product! Kudos on the informative yet funny commercials. You're missing that one commercial where the guy/girl wonders how much PSN is and emphasizing that it's free before you achieve an A+ in my book for advertising.

Very funny. Glad to see Sony is looking to dominant this gen.

sikbeta2921d ago

The BEST Ad campaign EVER

ThanatosDMC2921d ago

HHAHAHAH! That's better than the Crack in Time one.

SaiyanFury2921d ago


I have to say the new marketing campaign is golden. I'm glad to see Sony finally get some advertising right. "With a STICK!".

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LinuxGuru2921d ago

Kevin Butler is perfect for the PlayStation advertising campaigns.

OGharryjoysticks2921d ago

but I do have doubts I will never see it on TV

Lord Shuhei Yoshida2921d ago

It Only Does Everything-Sony

Its reliable,trust me-Microsoft

You know,things break-Peter Moore Former M$ exec

sonic speed2921d ago

XBOT 360 It Only FLOPS Everything - MICROBOT

Assassin Creed2921d ago


cyborg69712921d ago

The ps3 beats the 360 with a stick. Yea but halo. With a stick. Yea but live. With a stick. Yea bu WITH A STICK.

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The story is too old to be commented.