Sony Lowers Player Prices? claims that TV Predictions has been contacted by a local retailer who has indicated that Sony will set the MSRP of their new Blu-ray player, the BDP-S300, at $499 which is $100 less than originally announced. This will place the player at the same price at its closest HD DVD competition, the Toshiba HD-A20, which effectively negates the cost advantage the format once had.

In combination with Panasonic's pricing of their player, the DMP-BD10A at $599, this shows how strong competition between Blu-ray manufacturers and a unified desire to make Blu-ray the victor is driving costs down for Blu-ray hardware. With Sony's player due out at the end of this month, it shouldn't be long before we see if this rumor is true.

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wolfgang4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

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wolfgang4215d ago

a unified desire to make Blu-ray the victor

If it was really the case, blu-ray would already be the winner.

Xbot_Killer4215d ago

bluray is already giving HD-DVD a ghetto beatdown..where you been? under a rock?

wolfgang4215d ago

Well yes and no, I live in a grotto so I guess you might Say I live "under a rock" but anyway if its such a beatdown why do you see so much HDDVD stuff in the stores ? I haven't checked the numbers myself but I heard a few people here on n4g saying BR is sailing more disk then HD but not by a large margin.

TripleTags4215d ago

There's a reason for why this was placed under "Tech" instead of the other categories. N4G manuals even state that Blu-ray related content should go under "Tech". It's not game related, but it is tech related.

wolfgang4215d ago

Yeah you are right, I made a mistake but when I tried to edit my post it just created a double post ...

ITR4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Not news.
This is a rumor.
It's the basic I heard from a friend type scenario.

For some reason it's hard for me to believe Sony undercutting all the other BD manufactures.
Funai said they wanted to release a BD player at $499.

BlackIceJoe4215d ago

Well it may be a rumor but at the same time Sony knows they need to lower the price. So this could be spot on. Blu Ray players should be less then the PS3. Seeing as they can not play games.

ITR4215d ago

Not really when you consider the standalone players have higher end hardware then whats on the PS3.

Plus, the PS3 is a loss for Sony.
Sony makes money on the BD players it sells.

kspraydad4215d ago

Did you actually read the link? The are rumoured to be matching the price on a equivalent spec machine but there is a $399 HD DVD player out there and it is mentioned in the article.

BIadestarX4215d ago

Expect hd dvd drives to drop their prices too.