Activision's Hero franchise is set to kill itself

Gaming Dead: "Guitar Hero is doing great! Wonderful job, Activision! I couldn't have done it better myself, and I've tried. Kudos.

Wait, you are out to destroy your IP, right? Because that's what you're doing. I just want to make sure before I throw kudos around willy-nilly."

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NateNater3163d ago

Did 8 GH games really come out this year alone!?!? Jeeze I lost count. This series really needs to die. Now! GH3 was the only GH I ever bought. I had enough after that.

And I've also heard that they're coming out with Drum Hero too? Ridiculous.

Saaking3163d ago

Just like CoD, the hype WILL die down and when that happens its game over for Activision. well, at least they still have Blizzard

VladimirK3163d ago

Yeah, there's way too many instrument games.

Guitar Hero II and III were good, (supposedly the first is even better, but I never played it), but then there was loads out.
Plus the new ones aren't even any good.
Personally I thought "Guitar" Hero started failing badly when it stopped being just guitar.

This might sound a little over harsh, but I actually hope that it completely dies for now.
Then maybe bring a new one out halfway through next year.

Vip3r3163d ago

GH is dying and soon to be followed my the COD series.

They're milking the series dry.

STICKzophrenic3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I can understand saying that Acti is milking the Hero series with that many titles, but CoD isn't really being milked yet. I really only got into CoD with CoD4:MW, so I've only played three of them. Maybe with the others it is being milked, but there still haven't been eight CoD games released in a year lol.

That said, I'm happy to say I haven't purchased a single Hero, or rhythm/music game, and I don't plan to either.

GarandShooter3163d ago

'Activision's Hero franchise is set to kill itself'

How about making it a murder/suicide and take out Bobby Kotick at the same time? :)