BeefJack: Left 4 Dead 2: Why It's Not A Sequel

BeefJack Writes: They say the video game industry has changed, as has the consumer, but to be honest I do find that somewhat insulting. Why? Well when Street Fighter was released on the Mega Drive back in the day me and my friends jumped all over it. And why not, it is still to this day a superb game (although probably not the preferable port), anyway as we all know many variations of the title followed.

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mrwiggles3012d ago

I think Capcom have to be the very best at making sequels out of not very much. Super, Super Turbo, Championship Edition, Hyper Fighting, Rainbow Edition (a few for you arcade fans out there!)

Cyrus3653012d ago

I agree, I'm surprised how Capcom has gotten so little flack compared to the rest of the companies.

If sony tried the ish that Capcom has done, or is doing, they'd been lit up by the gaming press.

pippoppow3011d ago

Many gaming sites are quick to defend their sponsors (Dev/Pubs) but when it comes to defending gamers they are usually quiet. The major gaming sites/pubs are very suspect. Street fighter Turbo for example is nonsense. So are we to see remixes and Directors cut of games a year later, even if a lower price. No matter what shady practices Dev do the gaming media will not be as critical as they should be. They will defend them and gloss over most negative issues. They would sooner attack gamers it would seem as it has been done before.

Gandalf3012d ago

Sure fooled me with that 2 at the end of Left 4 Dead 2.

electricshadow3012d ago

He did make some good points, however I disagree. I got the game Tuesday and I think it is a sequel. The gameplay hasn't changed (which is a good thing, that's what makes L4D, L4D). With the additions of new survivors, weapons, enemies, improved A.I. director and a completely different setting, I think it is a sequel. But most importantly, it's FUN. But, like the story, it's an opinion, as is mine.

Pandamobile3012d ago

I found L4D2 to be a ton longer than Left 4 Dead. It's got way more content than the original, so how could that not be considered a sequel?

mrwiggles3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Interesting. I guess the real question should be what defines a sequel?

More of the same, an expansion of the same. I can see why the writer drew parallels to Street Fighter, because a sequel in that sense is just 'more' with a few improvements here and there. (And on the subject of rubbish sequels American Psycho 2 - has to be worst sequels of sequels).

I guess in this day and age, is it really fair to sell something like new, if you haven't really developed any thing new?

Would Terminator 2 be as cool, if they just continued where the first left off, but video edited the original to make a second movie? (maybe some CGI for some different locations)

mastiffchild3012d ago

A sequel has nothing to do with content. A sequel, to me, is very hard for a game like L4D to have as it doesn't jave a stiry so all the usual thing a sequel has to do simply aren't there. Second episode would have been better, imo, but, whatever, it's still basically only worth getting for your PC as the 360 game will still lag so far behind the PC versions it's comical that it costs more. Seriously, I was mightily insulted by the lack of quality, content and support(community, Valve and mods)in the 360 version of the original and it's nothing 360 gamers should be proud of and something they should complain about. Loudly, too, imo. I felt SO ripped off aftyter paying less than half for more than twice as much on PC.

Sarcasm3012d ago

Assassin's Creed 2 is a sequel. Left4Dead 2 should have been DLC.

Cyrus3653012d ago

It's a fun game. Can't wait to see what the bring next...Half Life 3?

ZedoMann3012d ago

That would be HL2: Ep3 possibly...

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