IGN: ModNation Racers Hands-On

When making the trip up to Vancouver to visit United Front Games in order to check out ModNation Racers, IGN really had no idea what to expect. When watching the game's portion of Sony's E3 press conference, they passed ModNation off as a "for kids" racing game with a cool track creator

Having now spent some quality hands-on time with the game they can say that it's much more than that. ModNation Racers has a wonderful personality that's coupled with cool racing mechanics that will remind many of Mario Kart and a set of creation tools that will likely rival LittleBigPlanet once the game hits shelves in spring 2010.

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NateNater3163d ago

A racing game with customization comparable to LBP? I'm in!

meepmoopmeep3163d ago

yeah, i really hope they can pull off the fun factor of Mario Kart with creation of LBP

would be a great arcade racer, if so.

i hope i can get into the beta for this. very interested in this game