The End Of Days For Wii Games!

Loot Ninja writes: After watching the video for this game I'm having a hard time thinking that this is real. My first thought is that the Wii is at the end of days. It has crossed over into empty nothingness and has come back to bring Mass: We Pray with it. I have seen and heard of other small production companies releasing religious games for the PC to spread the word of the Almighty, but nothing of this caliber of weird. The previous games followed the normal formula for a video game. These depicted a playable character (animated Jesus doing battle in Jerusalem, or included Christian followers shooting lasers out of their Bible) or online Street Fighter-esque flash games where you battle other religious figures like Buddha and Ghandi. These all follow the normal recipe for video games targeted at the youth audience. I thought those were bad. Mass: We Pray takes the idea and suck of church going to a whole new level. It's laughable. The line for this game teeters on real or fake and has me wondering if this is in fact real or not.

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Lumbo3107d ago

*Yawn* @ Dante's Inferno Marketing crap

Jamegohanssj53107d ago

The wii is a piece of sh!t.