Select/Start Games Review: God of War Collection

Select/Start Games Writes: "The original God of War games debuted on the Playstation 2 to critical and commercial acclaim, and are widely regarded as one of the best Action/Adventure titles in the industry. The tale of tormented Spartan soldier Kratos and his quest for revenge against the Gods are as classic and legendary as the Greek and Roman mythology the series is based around.

In a bit of genius on Sony's part, after E3 2009, they decided to remaster the collection for the Playstation 3, in an attempt to not only make some sweet cash off of old games, but to introduce the series to new-comers, and to pump up old fans for the release of God of War 3 in March 2010. As a die hard fan of the series, I was absolutely pumped at the prospect of seeing the original two God of War titles packed onto one Blu Ray disc in 720p, a locked 60fps, 2X Anti-Aliasing to smooth out the rough edges, and of course, Trophies."

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