iTablet Beta Tester Breaks Embargo

A Beta Tester for the iTablet breaks embargo and gives his opinions about the most hyped tech device ever.

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RockmanII73039d ago

And yet I've never heard of it...

badz1493039d ago

LOL at the avatar! but no wonder you've never heard of it because most of other people also have no idea!

marcus j3039d ago

How don't you know about this, you sir are one dum ass.
Everyone knows this will be good due to been a apple product.

vhero3039d ago

a phone too?? Can you say fail? nothing that big can be used as a phone and do well.

Hoolock3039d ago

please give the thing a read as its either a joke or apple have lost their minds with this one

pangitkqb3039d ago

Looks like a great interactive toy to me. Too bad the article doesn't give much for tech specs.

Reibooi3039d ago

What's the big deal. It's a bigger version of an iPhone with some of the most stupid things in it I have EVER heard. WTF a Barber shop? What the hell is that? This thing sounds like total fail.

Darkfocus3038d ago

this articles either a joke or the authors retarded

tonsoffun3038d ago

I was stoked about first impression until I read the I dunno, I think it's just rumourmongering at it's best. Everything was plausible right up until the bit about the hairstyle thing.

I am looking forward to this new thing and hopefully it's out by march next year so I can buy it when I'm in New York on holiday.

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STONEY43039d ago

"the most hyped tech device ever."


Quickedie3038d ago

Check out this exclusive video!

STONEY43038d ago

lol, I saw that a long time ago, but it's still funny.

3039d ago
thewhoopimen3039d ago

Apple cracks down very hard on leakers.

The-Director3039d ago

It will be a typical apple product, weak specs, flashy design and ridiculous price.

thewhoopimen3038d ago

I think you might be talking about your MS product, fanboy.

multipayer3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Because he clearly said apple, the only products that have ever been all 3 at once.

wpggamer3038d ago

That sounds like everything Sony puts out. Just look at their vaio line, Bravia TVs. That netbook costs as much as a MacBook but with pure crap for hardware.

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The story is too old to be commented.