Top Ten FPS Guns

Daniel Lipscombe of TheGameReviews lists ten first-person shooter guns that no gamer should be without.

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cain1412861d ago

The Cerebral Bore is a beast...

robotnik2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Wasn't that in Turok 2 for the Nintendo 64? It was creepy

Edit: yep, I read the article, should have done it before :P

Rocket Sauce2861d ago

This whole list probably should have been guns from Turok...except for the golden gun, I'd have put that at #1

Ghostsmoker2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

the Sniper Rifle in Unreal Tournament and the Flak Cannon.

ico922861d ago

im suprised that the ISA assualt rifle from killzone 2 isnt in there because that is easily the most overpowerd assualt rifle in gaming history, toatally unbeleivable, takes all the fun out of the game especially in the online i mean for a game without any auto-aim im actually shocked by how easy it is to land headshots its actually laughable on how easy it is to land a head shot, that weapon is the main reason why i stopped playing the game

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gidzilla2861d ago

Love it. Cerebral bore was sick, especially in multiplayer.

Cant really argue with BFG at no. 1

I would put in the Flak cannon from Unreal in there tho.

Ziriux2861d ago

Every gun in Half Life 2 rules.

cain1412861d ago

The gravity gun stands out the most to me though...

mal_tez922861d ago

But yes the gravity gun was awesome

Saaking2861d ago

the gravity gun is awesome. and @above, the gunplay doesn't suck what are you talking about?

mal_tez922860d ago

I hate the shooting in HL2:

-crappy aimer (the worst in any FPS)

-little to no feeling from the guns

-crappy arcade style movement

-holding 10 guns at once (having only a couple means you have to change the way you play depending on what you've got, rather than being able to choose the best gun for the job. This is also a major annoyance in the Metal Gear Solid series)

-Can't lie down (also an annoyance in Killzone)

-Can't aim using the weapon's sight

But I still love the game, not for it's shooting; but for the great action, story and puzzles. Although unskippable talking scenes made me RAGE on my second playthrough

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cain1412861d ago

I'd have to say the portal gun is one of my absolute favorites.

cain1412861d ago

I was also a big fan of the disintigration gun (forgot the real game) from the new Red Faction...

Mukiwa2860d ago

I believe that was the nano rifle, and quite the sweetass piece of weaponry it was too. Though if we're being picky about this that can't be counted seeing as Red Faction Guerilla wasn't an FPS. It still rocked though!

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The story is too old to be commented.