iPhone Review: Radiant | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Radiant is a classic-styled vertically scrolling shmup for the iPhone, inspired by classic games like Space Invaders and Galaga. You're constantly flying vertically, shooting giant space rocks and enemies that fly in your path. You pick up weapon powerups and money which you can spend at occasionally appearing shops. There is a very basic story that occurs in popup dialogue, but it mostly just provides a basis for why what you need to shoot at is there for you to shoot at."

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starven3190d ago

Think I'll be checking this one out.

bgrundman3190d ago

this looks suspiciously similar to Space Invaders...

squif3190d ago

it's called an "homage"

roblef3190d ago

So damn glowy. $.99, huh? Worth it!

wondroushippo3190d ago

I know. Looks like someone's been drinking radioactive waste again.

bgrundman3190d ago

This looks like it could be a ripoff to me

squif3190d ago

good artists borrow, great artists steal. deal with it.