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TPG writes: "Overall, this is a worthy portable version of a game that has exceeded or met many genre-based expectations of gamers and pundits out there. Aside from some of the slightly stripped down features of the game due to the hardware transition, it's essentially LBP in the palm of your hand, going with you wherever you go."

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roblef3109d ago

What a triumph. I wonder when the PSN version comes out?

Close_Second3109d ago

Access PSN from the PSP and LBP is listed for sale.

Strangely, its not visible on PSN if you access it from the PS3. However, make the purchase from the PSP then go into view downloads on the PS3 and you will see LBP. Thats assuming you use your PS3 as a storage device for your PSP games.

In-cognito3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

The demo was impressive.
I have the PSP Slim and decided to buy a 8 GB memory card from Amazon so I can download it. My 2 GB card is full.

So its on the PSP PSN?
Good to know for when my card gets here.
Thanks for the info Close_Second!

@ Close_Second -
I don't see it on the PSP PSN store.
Where is it?

roblef3109d ago

I wonder if this will be able to be used with AdHoc Party?

wondroushippo3109d ago

That would be awesome. AWESOME.

bgrundman3109d ago

Talk about blockbuster portable release season!

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