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TPG writes: "The question may be asked of Space Invaders Extreme 2 what exactly it does differently from its predecessor – the answer is, on the surface, not much. I even went back and played the first game to make sure that I wasn't just hazy on the differences between the first game and the second, which are minor. Space Invaders Extreme 2 is like going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite item – the experience isn't going to differ much, but it's still delicious, and if you're not sick of it, why mess with what works?"

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roblef3163d ago

I dunno. THe first game was pretty cool. Not sure I need more, though.

bgrundman3163d ago

I LOVED the first on on PSP

wondroushippo3163d ago

And now you can love it on your DS!

Hisiru3163d ago

Because they are the same (I played both versions)

I loved the first game, if I can have more stages I will it play again. I can't wait for this one (I don't have money now...)

bgrundman3163d ago

franchise milking anyone?

wondroushippo3163d ago

Maybe, but if the game is still good...hell, why not